Series Preview: Rockies (47-31) vs. Giants (27-51)


Monday, June 26th 8:08pm: German Marquez (5-3 3.92) vs. Jeff Samardzija (2-9 4.74)

After getting swept by the Dodgers and losing two to the Dbacks at home, the Rockies are desperate for a good series. Playing the second worst team in the Majors is definitely something that can help them, but it could also demoralize them if they play poorly. You still have to take the Giants seriously and the Rockies NEED to take this series. Marquez opens the series up and he really needs to get deep into this game. The bullpen has struggled mightily and the Rockies would really love to limit his use.

Tuesday, June 27th 8:15pm: Jeff Hoffman (4-1 4.29) vs. Matt Cain (3-7 5.54)

Hoffman got blown up in his start against Arizona and will need to rebound against the Giants. They have a poor offense and this is a late game by the bay which definitely slows the ball down, but he will still need to pitch well. Facing another pitcher the Rockies are familiar with, Matt Cain, may either hurt or harm their chances of scoring runs, but Cain is long gone from his old self and the Rockies have gotten to him for some runs a time or two in the past. This is a good chance for the Rockies to hopefully gain some games back on Arizona and LA, but if they can’t do that, they need to at least keep pace with them.

Wednesday, June 28th 1:45pm: Kyle Freeland (8-5 3.70) vs. Ty Blach (4-5 4.86)

As many of the Rockies pitchers in the past week, Freeland was not very strong in his outing against LA. Freeland can rebound with a day game against the Giants and like the first two pitchers in this series, he needs to get some length. As a rookie, some hiccups as the season go on are expected, but it would also be nice to see how he responds to some difficult times out. Blach was pretty good against the Rockies and only lost due to Nolan hitting his walk-off home run. The Rockies would love to just take this series with great pitching and strong offense, but nothing is as easy as you want things to be, especially in a week of struggles.


Series Preview: Rockies (47-28) vs. Dodgers (48-26)


Friday, June 23rd 8:10pm: Kyle Freeland (8-4 3.42) vs. Alex Wood (7-0 1.90)

The Rockies are coming off their biggest series of the year and they won only one game against the Dbacks. They now head off to LA for the other biggest series of the year against the division leading Dodgers. LA is hot, riding a seven game win streak into the series, and has been doing it all. The Rockies will need a big rebound from their series with Arizona to compete and they really need to take two of three from the boys in blue. The opener shows two lefties going at it. Kyle Freeland has been the best rookie for Colorado, but there has been shakiness from the other rookies that Freeland hopes to avoid. Alex Wood is a Cy Young contender through the early going, out-pitching even Clayton Kershaw in some metrics. This will not be an easy series opener, but the Rockies should come out fighting in this big series.

Saturday, June 24th 8:10pm: Tyler Chatwood (6-7 4.08) vs. Clayton Kershaw (10-2 2.61)

Tyler Chatwood is coming off a good home start and now gets to head out for a start on the road where he has been great. He has only one start against LA in which he gave up five runs in 4.1 innings, but that was at home and every Rockies fan knows Chatwood is a different pitcher away from Coors. He is tasked with going against the best pitcher in baseball in Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw will be making his fourth start against the Rockies this year and after his first start against them, he has settled in an pitched really well. The Rockies have the familiarity of seeing Kershaw often, but that does not mean going against him is any easier, otherwise he wouldn’t be a perennial Cy YounG candidate.

Sunday, June 25th 2:10pm: German Marquez (5-3 3.92) vs. Brandon McCarthy (6-3 2.87)

If there was a game in this series that Colorado was favored, this would be the one. With that being said, the Rockies are still going to have a tough time, especially if Marquez struggles to get deep into the game. Day games play differently at Dodger Stadium and with the way the Dodgers have hit anyways lately, this game will be a tough one to keep the Dodgers down in. Colorado faces McCarthy, who has had some success against Colorado. This game could really go either way, but hopefully for the Rockies it is one that could either sweep or win them the series, as any other outcome means they struggled in the first two.

Series Preview: Dbacks (44-26) vs. Rockies (46-26)


Tuesday, June 20th 6:40pm: Zack Greinke (8-3 3.00) vs. German Marquez (5-3 4.19)

The Rockies start a key series against the Dbacks that has major implications for September. These two teams have the best, and third best, records in the NL with the Rockies being in first. Greinke will start the series for Arizona which plays well for them, but at Coors Field things can happen. The Rockies send Marquez to the mound in what will be his third start of the year against Arizona. One start went great, one not so great, and the not so great start came at home. Marquez has struggled recently and will be looking to bounce back into form, especially in a series that is so key.

Wednesday, June 21st 6:40pm: Taijuan Walker (5-3 3.32) vs. Jeff Hoffman (4-0 2.25)

Jeff Hoffman made his shortest outing of the year his last time out, and it was still five innings. Hoffman has been fantastic this year and showing how valuable he can be. With every successful start, Rockies fans forget more and more about Troy Tulowitzki, despite his years of success in purple pinstripes. Hoffman faces Taijuan Walker in a game that likely favors the Rockies. With a tough game one, the Rockies will definitely need to take this one to either tie the series or take an early series win. Everyone is expecting regression from the rookie pitchers in the Rockies rotation, but thus far they have recovered quickly from hiccups and are the main reason this Rockies team has been so good.

Thursday, June 22nd 1:10pm: TBD vs. Antonio Senzatela (9-2 4.10)

Through fourteen games, Senzatela has gotten an average over seven runs per game of run support. This is a large reason why he has such a good record, but it should not be overlooked that he has also pitched well. He seems to be finding his strikeout stride recently which will bode well for when he gets in trouble and needs an out. He is still not a strikeout pitcher and relies more on weak contact to get outs, but any amount of help you can get when in trouble is a bonus. Sending three rookies to the hill in a very key series is normally a bad omen, but with how the Rockies have relied on their rookies, this is a great test of grit and determination for the young guys.

Series Preview: Giants (26-41) vs. Rockies (42-26)


Thursday, June 15th 6:40pm: Matt Moore (2-7 5.28) vs. Jeff Hoffman (4-0 2.33)

Jeff Hoffman eyes his fifth straight win as he faces the underperforming Giants. This is a good series for the Rockies to gain some momentum as the Giants have not been good and it is a home series. They start off facing a pitcher who they have had success against and with their own pitcher who has been dealing recently. The Rockies should certainly win this opener and they should win the series as well, though the same could be said of the Pirates series of which they lose 2 of 3.

Friday, June 16th 6:40pm: Jeff Samardzija (2-8 4.31) vs. Antonio Senzatela (8-2 3.84)

These two pitchers have exact opposite records with Samardzija being the worst pitcher in the league by losses and Senzatela being close to the top in wins. Though those are hardly telling as Senzatela has been struggling recently and Samardzija is not pitching terribly. Shark has seemingly always had success against the Rockies so they hope to get to him in game two of the series. They also hope to see Senzatela get back to his early form and have a good home start.

Saturday, June 17th 1:10pm: Matt Cain (3-5 5.22) vs. Kyle Freeland (7-4 3.57)

Matt Cain is on the back end of his career and has not played well at all in recent years. Cain has had a great career in his struggles this year are in no way indicative of who he is as a pitcher anymore, but this is a game the Rockies should win, much like the opener, in which they face a struggling pitcher with a rookie who has been terrific this year. Freeland, like Senzatela, will be looking to get back on the right track, but he has been very consistent this year so that is something that is likely to happen on Saturday.

Sunday, June 18th 1:10pm: Ty Blach (4-4 4.24) vs. Tyler Chatwood (6-7 4.16)

If there was a game the Rockies would be expected to lose in this series, this is the one. It is not because the opposing pitcher is an ace, but rather because the home starter is terrible at home. Chatwood has shown that his 2016 season may be what his career will be, strong on the road, but very, very bad at Coors Field. It would be great to see Chatty get through six innings with a quality start on Sunday, but he just has not been good at home and when he does get through innings, it is normally due to some luck as he has just not been good at home.

Series Preview: Rockies (41-24) vs Pirates (28-35)

Monday, June 12th 5:05pm: Kyle Freeland (7-3 3.34) vs. Jameson Taillon (2-1 3.31)

After being diagnosed with testicular cancer and missing only a little over a month, Jameson Taillon will make his first start back from the DL. This is likely to be an emotional one, as in the opposing dugout will be close friend Chad Bettis, who after learning about Taillon’s cancer reached out to him and the two quickly bonded. While the Rockies will still be looking for a win, this game likely has larger implications for both teams. Kyle Freeland makes the start for Colorado and he will have to battle both the Pirate’s and the storylines of the game.

Tuesday, June 13th 5:05pm: Tyler Chatwood (6-7 4.37) vs. Gerrit Cole (3-6 4.83)

Tyler Chatwood gets to make another road start after two successful road outings. This is great for Colorado as a home start for Chatwood basically means a loss, while a road start is almost a guaranteed quality start. He faces Pirates ace Cole who has struggled this year, giving up at least four runs in his last four starts. his last two outings have been particularly bad as he has allowed seven runs in each. The Rockies offense has been good recently, as has the pitching, so this is a good chance for the Rockies to take another series win.

Wednesday, June 14th 5:05pm: German Marquez (4-3 4.44) vs. Chad Kuhl (1-5 5.63)

The Rockies will hopefully being going for a sweep with this final game and will hopefully complete it as well. Marquez will need to rebound from a rough outing, but he will be facing a Pirates starter who has not been good at all. Kuhl has not been terrible as far as earned runs goes, but he has not been getting any length at all, which has hurt his ERA and record, as well a the Pirates. This series is a good chance for Colorado to beat up on a bad team and improve their already league best road record.

Series Preview: Rockies vs. Cubs


Thursday, June 8th 6:05pm: Tyler Chatwood (5-7 4.60) vs. Jon Lester (3-3 3.91)

The Rockies just finished a series with the reigning AL champs and will now head out to Chicago to face the World Series champions in the Cubs. The Cubs will send their ace, Jon Lester, to the hill to try and take game one of the series. Lester has done well against Rockies hitters with only Ian Desmond having success in his career. Colorado will counter with Tyler Chatwood. Being on the road certainly bodes well, but there is still always a question of what Chatwood will show up, road or not. Fortunately for him and the Rockies, the team has done really well on the road so having a better road pitcher and the team’s 2017 road record means the Rockies could take the series.

Friday, June 9th 12:20pm: German Marquez (4-3 4.53) vs. Kyle Hendricks (4-3 4.09)

In typical Cubs fashion, the Rockies will play three day games in Chicago. The Rockies send one of their rookies to the mound in game two. Marquez struggled his last time out, but he has shown a good ability to rebound from a bad start in his early career so expect a quality start out of Marquez on Friday. Hendricks has not been the pitcher he was in 2016, but that is to be expected as he has regressed to the pitcher most would have pegged him as. Hendricks is a sinker baller who needs to be low in the zone, so if he starts to slip and the Rockies can punish him, expect another short start from the righty.

Saturday, June 10th 12:20pm: Jeff Hoffman (3-0 2.61) vs. Eddie Butler (3-1 3.75)

Jeff Hoffman gets his first chance in 2017 to make back-to-back starts and will hope to build on his last outing. Hoffman is really looking like the key piece in the Tulo trade that will make fans forget all about the once star shortstop. Hoffman has always been highly touted, but until this year he has not shown continued success. He is obviously only three starts into the season, but there is still a lot of reason to believe Hoffman can be great. The Rockies face Eddie Butler, former top Colorado prospect. While Butler has been good, he has not been going deep in games. The Rockies don’t want to see a player do bad, but it would be awesome to see them tear up the former pitcher, as he was often shelled when he played for the Rockies.

Sunday, June 11th 12:20pm: Antonio Senzatela (8-2 3.56) vs. Jake Arrieta (6-4 4.46)

Colorado did great against Arrieta his last time out, but it was a home game. Arrieta has very much regressed from his 2-15 Cy Young campaign and looks much more like the pitcher that Baltimore saw. He takes on the NL wins leader in Senzatela and while Senzatela has been great, he has also gotten a lot of run support. The Rockies would love nothing more than to sweep this series and to take on a lossless week, but that is easier said than done. The Cubs do have some drama going on in the organization with shortstop Addison Russell undergoing domestic abuse allegations, so this may be the perfect time for the Rockies to come in and strike.

Series Preview: Indians (29-26) vs. Rockies (36-23)

Tuesday, June 6th 6:40pm: Mike Clevinger (2-2 3.10) vs. Antonio Senzatela (7-2 3.49)

Senzatela has regressed in May and will be looking to rebound in June. While his regression was not significant enough to warrant concern, it would be nice to see him knock out a couple quality starts through June while getting back to that early season form. The Indians have a good lineup, but like the Cubs they have not been great through the early part of the season. They have not been bad by any means, but there offense has not been very good. Pitching will be the definer of this two game series and being at Coors Field, everything is up in the air.

Wednesday, June 7th 1:10pm: Trevor Bauer (5-4 5.83) vs. German Marquez (4-3 4.53)

Marquez had a rough start his last time out against the Padres and will be starting a game earlier in the spot where Kyle Freeland normally makes a start. He faces Trevor Bauer who has not been great this year and exited his last start after only 1.2 innings. The Rockies have a good chance of taking both of these games, but they have not been as good at home as they normally hope to be and are still looking to get rolling. Every game matters early in the year, especially when you have two teams on your tail in the division. Both Los Angeles and Arizona have been playing great baseball as well, and the Rockies need every game to stay ahead.