Series Preview: Rockies (68-56) vs. Royals (62-61)

Tuesday, August 22nd 6:15pm: Jon Gray (5-2 4.74) vs. Danny Duffy (7-8 3.82)

Jon Gray opens the series against Danny Duffy and the Royals for a series that will hopefully get the Rockies back on track. Both of these teams are fighting for wild card spots with the Rockies leading the NL by half a game and the Royals back by a game and a half. Both of these teams open with their ace for a game that could be a pitchers duel. For Gray, he will look to get through the third time facing the Royals lineup, something he has struggled with thus far this year. Duffy has been rough his last three times out allowing sixteen runs in three starts, but in all he has struck out eight in each start as well. The strikeout stuff Duffy has could put the Rockies in trouble, as they are a team prone to strikeouts.

Wednesday, August 23rd 6:15pm: Antonio Senzatela (10-4 4.56) vs. Ian Kennedy (4-9 5.06)

Much like Duffy, Kennedy has struggled in the month of August, hopefully a sign that the Rockies can get their offense on track with some consistency. Antonio Senzatela makes his return to the rotation as he has been back and forth between the pen and rotation. He earned his spot back with some successful outings and the Rockies could use his consistency. He isn’t the most dominant pitcher, but he does control the zone well and he will be coming to this start with a new pitch, a curveball. Sensei and the Rockies will hopefully be playing for a series win in this game, but as the late season has gone, nothing is guaranteed.

Thursday, August 24th 12:15pm: German Marquez (10-5 4.24) vs. Jake Junis (5-2 4.99)

Junis, like Senzatela, has jumped between the pen and rotation though he has had mixed success between the roles. Marquez will be looking to get back on track after two rough August starts against the Marlins and Brewers. Marquez has good stuff and can dominate a lineup, but when he runs into trouble it is by the long ball. The Rockies desperately need to win this series as they have struggled recently and the Central teams are creeping in on the wild card, but they do have the benefit of leading the wild card currently.

Series Preview: Brewers (63-59) vs. Rockies (67-54)


Friday, August 18th 6:40pm: Matt Garza (6-6 4.38) vs. German Marquez (9-5 4.13)

The Rockies take on the Brewers for an important series for both teams. The Brewers are in a hunt for either the division title or a wild card spot while the Rockies are leading the wild card right now. After splitting the four game series with the Braves their last time out, the Rockies need to take two of three from the Brewers. They have to take this series to keep the Brewers at bay and guarantee their wild card spot. The pitching needs to be strong, but more importantly, the offense needs to find some consistency. The 17 run game was certainly an awesome one to watch, but outside of that, the Rockies have been struggling for two weeks.

Saturday, August 19th 6:10pm: Brandon Woodruff (1-1 1.50) vs. Chad Bettis (0-0 0.00)

After putting up a dominant performance for his first start of the season, Bettis will look to repeat that result in game two. Brandon Woodruff has made only two career starts, so this is a game that could go either way, as it always is with rookies. Because of the lack of solid scouting report, the Rockies’ hitters will have to be on their toes and keep a good game plan, making Woodruff throw strikes in volatile Coors Field. Giving Bettis some more run support would also be nice to give him his first win of 2017 and hopefully taking this series in a quick two games.

Sunday, August 20th 1:10pm: Chase Anderson (6-2 2.89) vs. Kyle Freeland (11-7 3.74)

Chase Anderson had been very good for the Brewers before being put on the DL at the end of June. He makes his first start since being activated and will likely look to repeat the results he had against the Rockies in the season opening series. Because Anderson used to pitch for the Dbacks, the Rockies have a lot of familiarity with him. Nolan Arenado has had the most success in his career against Anderson, but whether Arenado will play will remain to be seen, as he was removed on Thursday after taking a grounder to the wrist where he got hit. Arenado is a tough guy and likes to get out there, so expect to see him by this third game.

Series Preview: Braves (52-63) vs. Rockies (65-52)

Monday, August 14th 6:40pm: Julio Teheran (7-10 5.25) vs. Chad Bettis (0-0 -.–)

Chad Bettis makes a remarkable return to the Rockies acting as the boost they hopefully can take and use in this series against the Braves. Bettis and his return, and the fact that he has beaten cancer, are clearly the stories surrounding this first game, but on a playoff level, the Rockies will be trying to snap a three game skid that came after a sweep by the Marlins. For the Braves, they send their supposed ace to the mound, though he has pitched far from an ace this year with his high ERA and negative bWAR. The Rockies can hopefully show off their offense in this opener to take a win and give Bettis a strong backup in his first start back.

Tuesday, August 15th 6:40pm: Sean Newcomb (1-7 4.45) vs. Kyle Freeland (11-7 3.70)

Newcomb and Freeland face off in a battle of rookie lefties. Newcomb has not pitched bad in his starts, but is taking losses due to a lack of run support, averaging only 2.79 runs in each start so far. Freeland has been great for the Rockies, earning wins left and right and getting through games efficiently. He is not the strikeout guy that a lot of the other Rockies starters are, but he has been great at commanding the zone and inducing weak contact. This is only the second game in a four game set, but the Rockies have a good chance of taking both of these first two games.

Wednesday, August 16th 6:40pm: Mike Foltynewicz (10-7 4.29) vs. Jon gray (4-2 4.92)

At home, Jon Gray pitches very well. Although he didn’t get a quality start his last time out, he was only a batter away from earning one and still pitched solid. He faces Foltynewicz, a guy who has had mixed results so far this year. He has been very good, but he has also been absolutely crushed by opposing teams, something the Rockies will hope to do. Though the Marlins series was demoralizing and it saw them losing Nolan Arenado for at least the opener, this is a series the Rockies should be able to handle.

Thursday, August 17th 1:10pm: Lucas Sims (0-3 5.71) Jeff Hoffman (6-4 5.15)

The Rockies face another underachieving pitcher for the finale of this series and send their own underachiever to the mound. Hoffman was great early in the season, but has struggled in many starts more recently. He has struggled with command and has not been able to cause the swing and miss that he needs to rely on. He has the stuff, but now the task is putting it all together to become the Rockies believe he can be. Hoffman is the remaining piece of the Tulo trade and is the one player that could define this trade as a win for the Rockies.

Series Preview: Rockies (65-49) vs. Marlins (53-60)


Friday, August 11th 5:10pm: Jon Gray (4-2 4.94) vs. Jose Urena (10-5 3.70)

Urena has been a hit or miss pitcher this year since joining the rotation, sometimes going deep in the game with a quality start and sometimes allowing five runs in not so many innings. Jon Gray has been good, except for one start against the Mets where he allowed eight runs. That one start really ballooned his ERA and has made his season line look pretty ugly, but this is still the Rockies ace and the guy who needs to carry the rotation over the last month and a half of the season. He faces a very strong Marlins offense that may have the best outfield in the league with Marcell Ozuna, Giancarlo Stanton, and Christian Yelich. He will have to be on his game to keep these three down and the Rockies in the game.

Saturday, August 12th 5:10pm: Jeff Hoffman (6-3 5.03) vs. TBD

Hoffman had struggled through the month of July, but has really seemed to return to form in August. In two starts he has allowed only three runs and struck out 13. The one two punch that Jon Gray and Jeff Hoffman will give to this Rockies rotation in future years will be a strong one, but for now, both pitchers just have to pitch their best and try and earn the Rockies wins going into the final month of the season, where they play only NL West teams.

Sunday, August 13th 11:10pm: German Marquez (9-4 3.88) vs. Vance Worley (2-2 4.82)

With Kyle Freeland on the DL, Marquez has taken the lead as best rookie on the team. Marquez has been very consistent and has the strikeout potential of these first two pitchers. Keeping Stanton down will be the key for all three of these pitchers as he has bene on an absolute power tear. The Rockies, as always, would love to take two of three from the Marlins, but it is a road series and the Rockies have not typically played well in Miami, or against the Marlins.

Series Preview: Rockies (64-48) vs. Indians (59-50)

Tuesday, August 8th 5:10pm: German Marquez (9-4 4.11) vs. Corey Kluber (9-3 2.77)

While German Marquez is hoping to show that he is an ace in the coming years, he will have to face off against an already proven ace in Corey Kluber. Marquez will have to be on his game to take on this Indians team that made the World Series last year. The offense will have to show up as well, though it will be no easy task going against Kluber who has been terrific this year. Since June, Kluber has struck out eight or more in every start, with only two starts being under ten strikeouts. He was a little worse off at the start of the year, but since exiting April, Kluber has allowed four or more runs in only two starts. Without throwing anymore stats, it should just be noted that Kluber is fantastic and will likely earn some Cy Young votes come the season’s end.

Wednesday, August 9th 10:10am: Antonio Senzatela (10-4 4.78) vs. Trevor Bauer (10-8 5.00)

Bauer has settled down a little in recent starts and really has a higher ERA thanks to a seven run outing in May and a game in which he only recorded two outs in July. Bauer is a good pitcher, but so is Senzatela, but they are also both susceptible to allowing a lot of runs. If both of these pitchers are on, it will be a low scoring game, but either one of these pitchers could blow and allow a bunch of runs, making this game one that will be hard to predict.

Series Preview: Phillies (39-67) vs. Rockies (62-47)


Friday, August 4th 6:40pm: Vince Velasquez (2-6 4.91) vs. Kyle Freeland (11-7 3.71)

With the Phillies coming to Coors, the Rockies have a series that they should be able to take, at the very least, two of three games. A sweep is certainly possible as well, but no matter what, the Rockies should win this series. They start the series with Freeland on the mound and despite being a rookie, Freeland has been extremely reliable. With Gray on the DL for a good stretch of the season, Freeland has stepped up as a stopper and pitcher who can give the Rockies six quality innings anytime he goes out there. With him on the mound and the Rockies offense playing well, this is a good way to open the series.

Saturday, August 5th 6:10pm: Nick Pivetta (4-6 5.42) vs. Jon Gray (3-2 5.52)

In the past couple of years, Gray has struggled with the first inning until he could get in a groove. This year it is more the third time through the lineup where he has struggled. Gray certainly has the stuff to get through seven innings, but it is just making the key pitches when he needs them. Going against the Phillies could be a good chance for a confidence boost for Gray, but he still needs a good approach to the game and needs to execute. He faces Nick Pivetta who has been a much more reliable pitcher in July, but now heads into a new month where he could either start on a high note or low note. The Rockies would love to get to him for an easy win, but he is a rookie that they have never faced before, so they will be going in blind.

Sunday, August 6th 1:10pm: Aaron Nola (8-7 3.16) vs. Jeff Hoffman (6-3 5.38)

If there was any game on paper that the Rockies were not favored in, this would be the one. Nola has been the Phillies best pitcher by far and is the team’s future ace. He faces off against Hoffman who has ace potential, but has struggled recently. Hoffman seems to be playing out much like a young Gray. Great potential, some rough innings that blow up starts, and strikeout stuff that gives him the ability to dominate a lineup. What Hoffman can do against the Phillies will remain to be seen, but hopes are high for the young rookie.

Series Preview: Mets (48-55) vs. Rockies (60-46)

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Tuesday, August 1st 6:40pm: Steven Matz (2-4 5.51) vs. Jeff Hoffman (6-3 5.58)

Much like Matz, Hoffman has struggled recently and will be looking to rebound at home. The Rockies got to Matz for seven runs in July which is hopefully a sign that they can repeat the damage done. Matz has the stuff and potential, but he has been injured much and it has probably thrown his ability to get into a rhythm. It also doesn’t help that the Mets have not been great this year and the rotation has struggled mightily through all of it, mostly because of injuries.

Wednesday, August 2nd 6:40: Chris Flexen (0-1 9.00) vs. Tyler Chatwood (6-11 4.78)

Chatwood makes his return to the rotation after a DL stint and bullpen appearance. Chatwood really needs to prove he belongs in the rotation, because as of now he hasn’t shown to be great, especially at home. If he can make a good, quality start at home, he likely will stay in the rotation, but as of now, he is only being used as a placeholder so some of the rookies don’t get overworked down the stretch. He faces a rookie who has only three big league innings under his belt and that rookie now gets to try his hand at Coors. This is a good series for the Rockies to beat up on a team and earn a sweep, but they need to be prepared and can’t be too overconfident.

Thursday, August 3rd 1:10pm: Rafael Montero (1-7 5.56) vs. German Marquez (9-4 4.08)

If there was ever a series for the Rockies to score 30+ runs in three games, this may be the one. They face three young, struggling starters and have some momentum from the Nationals series. They don’t have to face DeGrom and Syndergaard is on the DL. They also just picked up a new catcher who was once the best offensive catcher, only struggling in this year really. There are a lot of things going right for the Rockies in this series, and a good winning streak would be great to help launch them ahead of the Dbacks in the first wild card spot.