Series Preview: Dodgers (102-57) vs. Rockies (86-73)


Friday, September 29th 6:10pm: Hyun-Jin Ryu (5-8 3.47) vs. Chad Bettis (1-4 5.72)

Ryu has made three starts against Colorado this year, but has not made one since May 11th, a start in which he gave up ten runs (five earned) over four innings. This series means little for the Dodgers as they can only clinch home field in the World Series, whereas the Rockies are fighting for their first playoff spot since 2009. They have a good chance as and combination of two wins by Colorado and losses by the Brewers seals the wild card for them and they get to finish at home. Chad Bettis makes the series opening start which is not the best thing, but in big games Bettis has been known to perform and this is a huge game for him and the Rockies.

Saturday, September 30th 6:10pm: Clayton Kershaw (18-4 2.21) vs. German Marquez (11-7 4.38)

Before September came, Marquez was in the conversation to start the Wild Card game if the Rockies made it. However, he has struggled in September and this is a start in which he needs to rebound. There is likely some arm fatigue which is why the Rockies would love to clinch on Friday and give Marquez a little bit of a break on Saturday, but that is something that might have to wait. Facing Kershaw, the Rockies do not get any break in terms of who they play against. Kershaw is likely not going to make a full start, but he can be extremely efficient and it should not be counted on that he will get removed early, unless the Rockies can force that removal, which they did in their last start against Kershaw in LA.

Sunday, October 1st 1:10pm: TBD vs. TBD

Ideally, this game will be meaningless for both teams with the Rockies hopefully clinching in either of the two prior games. The Rockies will probably go to Anderson if this game does not need to be won and Gray if it does. Either way, it looks like one of those pitchers, pending the Rockies involvement in the Wild Card, will make the game start based on who does not start the season finale. Regardless of the outcome of this season, it has been a huge improvement on last year’s record and has proven to be a sign of good things to come. With the rotation strengthened mightily with all of the rookies and Bud Black at the helm, there is a lot to be happy about and a lot to look forward to.


Series Preview: Marlins vs. Rockies


Monday, September 25th 6:40pm: Odrisamer Despaigne (0-3 4.37) vs. Tyler Chatwood (8-13 4.56)

In Chatwood’s last two starts at home, he has seemingly straightened out his home struggles. Chatwood has gone 8.2 innings while allowing only two runs in his last home starts and he will hope to replicate that success in this second to last series of the year. Along with the Rockies going for a playoff spot, this series has other historic implications. Gianacarlo Stanton has absolutely hammered the Rockies in his career and he is also staring down the most home runs ever (in the non-steroid era). There is a good chance he can take a run at the faux-record and there will be a lot to watch in this series.

Tuesday, September 26th 6:40pm: Jose Urena (14-6 3.55) vs. Tyler Anderson (5-6 5.24)

Since Jose Fernandez’s passing, the Marlins have gotten another Jose to take his place as ace of the staff. Jose Urena has been really strong and while not the Cy Young pitcher Fernandez was, Urena is young and has lots of potential, especially for a Miami team that will be under new ownership and likely changing a lot going into the 2018 season. Tyler Anderson, like Tyler Chatwood, has been strong in the more recent month and this bodes well for the Rockies. Again, Stanton will be the player to watch as the entire Rockies offense will have to replicate whatever offensive output he has in this series.

Wednesday, September 27th 1:10pm: Adam Conley (7-7 5.74) vs. Jon Gray (9-4 3.62)

This is excellent timing with the Rockies having their ace in the series finale, both to improve their playoff chances and to hopefully make the wild card game start, if the Rockies make it in. Jon Gray has been great over his past 12 starts giving up no more than three runs in each. He has struggled with getting length out of his starts, but keeping the team in it is of utmost importance, especially with expanded bullpens where length is not as important as it is in the early months. The Rockies would love to use this series as an opportunity to expand their lead, and maybe even clinch the wild card spot, but they need to get hot to do so.

Series Preview: Rockies (82-70) vs. Padres (68-84)


Thursday, September 21st 8:10pm: Tyler Anderson (5-5 5.28) vs. Clayton Richard (7-14 4.82)

The Rockies go into their final road trip of the year in a series they need to win to stay ahead of the Brewers. They just played a bad series against the Giants so hopefully they play better in San Diego, but that will remain to be seen. Colorado sends Tyler Anderson and in his first start since being activated from the DL, he was excellent. Anderson went six innings while allowing no runs and the Rockies need that same kind of production from him in this game. The Rockies have done well against Richard this year, scoring at least four runs in each start against him, but they had done well against Moore until Wednesday and look how that worked out for them.

Friday, September 22nd 8:10pm: Jon Gray (8-4 3.75) vs. Jordan Lyles (1-3 7.35)

Gray was shut down after a lengthy rain delay in his last start in a game the Rockies would eventually lose. That was the start of their three game losing streak and will hopefully not be the games that dictate their season. Gray was doing really well in that game and he has started to heat up late in the year, but if the Rockies do not perform Gray will not get to make the playoff start he is destined to make. Facing Jordan Lyles definitely bodes well as he has been worse with the Padres than he was with the Rockies and that means a lot considering Lyles was awful in Colorado.

Saturday, September 23rd 6:40pm: Chad Bettis (1-3 6.23) vs. Jhoulys Chacin (12-10 4.12)

Chad Bettis has been good for only eating innings and even that is a questionable skill when your team loses the games. Bettis needs a better start on Saturday as the Rockies, and himself, would love to get six quality innings. Bettis made the comeback game from cancer that every fan wanted to see, but since then he has really struggled and that has hurt the Rockies, and Bettis’ chances at a spot in the rotation come 2018. The Rockies face Chacin for the second time in a week and they were well on their way to doing damage their last time out before the rain delay hit, and that has already been mentioned how that game turned out.

Sunday, September 24th 2:40pm: German Marquez (10-7 4.41) vs Luis Perdomo (8-10 4.57)

The Rockies send Marquez to the mound in the series finale and hope to see a better start out of him. Marquez is likely experiencing some fatigue so seeing some rejuvenation from the young pitcher is key in this start. The Rockies absolutely need to win this series and get some offense while they are at it, something that should be possible considering who the face. The Padres have a better record than the Giants this year, but the Rockies have played well against San Diego and have some momentum from their last series against them to take into this one.

Series Preview: Rockies (82-68) vs. Giants (58-93)


Tuesday, September 19th 8:15pm: German Marquez (10-7 4.41) vs. Johnny Cueto (7-8 4.58)

This is a good chance for Marquez to rebound after a bad start to his September as he faces the lowly Giants. In his last three starts, he has gone six innings only once and has allowed four runs in each start. He faced the Dodgers once and the Dbacks twice, either of which is a team he would possibly face in the playoffs, so Marquez really needs to dominate the Giants to prove he is ready for some high leverage situations. Cueto has had a down year by his standards and has had two good starts out of three this year against the Rockies. Playing at AT&T definitely doesn’t help Colorado, but they have been known to have some good games there.

Wednesday, September 20th 1:45pm: Tyler Chatwood (8-12 4.57) vs. Matt Moore (5-14 5.39)

Chatwood was excellent in his home start, where he had struggled, so coming to San Francisco should play well for the hard throwing sinker baller. Moore has been one of the worst pitchers in the league and against the Rockies he has struggled in each start. He has given up five, six, and eight runs against the Rockies this year so they should have a good chance for an offensive showing during their afternoon game. This is a quick two game set for the Rockies and they should be able to take both games before heading off to San Diego.


Series Preview: Padres (65-81) vs. Rockies (80-67)

padres vs rockies

Friday, September 15th 6:40pm: Clayton Richard (7-13 4.78) vs. Tyler Chatwood (7-12 4.70)

In Richard’s one start against the Rockies at Coors this year, he was absolutely demolished, allowing eleven runs and fourteen hits. The Rockies would love to get another performance like this and with a series win here, the Rockies would guarantee at least a .500 year, their first since 2010. This is looking good as the Padres are fourth in the division, but they have played well more recently. The Rockies are going to need a good offense for this game as Tyler Chatwood is on the mound and he has underperformed at home. This game could set the tone of the series, so hopefully the Rockies come out firing.

Saturday, September 16th 6:10pm: Jordan Lyles (1-2 6.75) vs. Tyler Anderson (4-5 5.75)

Jordan Lyles will make his first start against his former club as Tyler Anderson makes his first start since coming off the DL. This could be a wild one as Jordan Lyles was not a good pitcher for the Rockies and Anderson has had an off year. Hopefully having some time to get back to full health on the DL gives Anderson the stamina and strength he needs to get through this start as he did in his bullpen outing. The Rockies will also hope to have another good offensive game (pending the good one on Friday) in what could win them the series in a quick fashion.

Sunday, September 17th 1:10pm Jhoulys Chacin (12-10 4.06) vs. Jon Gray (8-4 3.95)

If any of these games were going to be a pitchers matchup, this is the one. The Rockies send their ace to the mound and Gray has been pitching as an ace recently, hopefully preparing himself for the wild card game he would pitch if the Rockies make the playoffs. He faces another former Rockies in Chacin who has made one start against Colorado this year. It was a quality start, but it was a game the Padres lost. Chacin has had lots of mixed results this year, either going 6+ without allowing runs, or giving up seven runs quickly. The Rockies will hope the latter happens on Sunday and gives them the sweep.

Series Preview: Rockies (78-65) vs. Dbacks (83-60)


Monday, September 11th 7:40pm: Kyle Freeland (11-10 3.99) vs. Zack Greinke (16-6 3.01)

After a year in which Zack Greinke appeared to be struggling, he has bounced back in 2017 to dominate once again. Greinke has faced the Rockies four times this year, with the teams splitting those four games. He has not pitched poorly in any of those starts, but the Rockies have done damage either against the bullpen or got good pitching when they won. Kyle Freeland will look to bounce back after a couple of short starts, one of them coming against Arizona. He needs to be good as this is a huge series for the Rockies and starting it with a win could be huge.

Tuesday, September 12th 7:40pm: Jon Gray (7-4 4.07) vs. Taijuan Walker (9-7 3.33)

Gray will look to continue his recent successes as he faces off against another excellent Dbacks starter. The strength of Arizona this year has been excellent pitching, with no pitcher clearly defining themselves as an ace. This is a game that favors the Rockies, but with both pitchers solid starters and either team’s offense being able to explode, this game, and series, will be hard to tell exactly who can come out on top.

Wednesday, September 13th 7:40pm: German Marquez (10-6 4.27) vs. Patrick Corbin (13-12 4.16)

Marquez will be making his sixth start against Arizona and this is not the best thing. The Dbacks have seemed to figure out Marquez more recently, but he does have the stuff to keep them off balance and make this game a win. Corbin will make his fourth start against Colorado, and when he has been at home he has been better. In two starts at Coors, Corbin had allowed eight runs in 9.1 innings, so he may be more prepared to face them at home. However, he struggled mightily against the Padres his last time out at home, so hopefully the Rockies can replicate that success.

Thursday, September 14th 1:40pm: Chad Bettis (1-2 4.98) vs. Zack Godley (7-7 3.18)

In Godley’s last start against the Rockies, he walked six batters but only allowed one run. Since then, the Rockies offense has gotten hot and done a lot better, even against top tier pitchers, so Godley will be not be able to get away with that kind of start again. Hopefully the Rockies can do some damage, as Chad Bettis is likely going to give up a few runs in this game, facing a top tier offense as a hitter friendly park. Since his first start, Bettis has not been nearly as good, but he has still been a solid innings eater which is a great way to anchor a series, especially without an off-day the next day. The Rockies need to split this series at least, and if they can win three or sweep, they may very well have a chance to stealing the first wild card spot.

Series Preview: Rockies (74-65) vs. Dodgers (92-47)


Thursday, September 7th 8:10pm: Jon Gray (6-4 4.26) vs. Clayton Kershaw (16-2 1.95)

In the past week and a half, the Dodgers have won only one game and it was a game Clayton Kershaw started. Going into this series, the Dodgers are ice cold and the Rockies are coming off of a series win, even if it may have been one of the worst teams they did this against. This is not going to be an easy game to win, but the Dodgers playing as badly as they are bodes well for the Rockies. Facing Kershaw in the opener is another bad omen, along with the Dodgers being an elite team, but the Rockies have got to him in games in the past, as well as getting dominated by him, so the outcome of this game will be a tough one to forecast.

Friday, September 8th 8:10pm: German Marquez (10-6 4.26) vs. Yu Darvish (8-11 4.09)

Darvish has not been exactly the pickup the Dodgers expected, but he still has ace stuff when he is on. In five starts since coming to LA, Darvish has two 10+ strikeout games, but has also gone five or fewer innings three times. In his last start out against San Diego, he gave up five runs in three innings. The Rockies as a team have not faced Darvish but they do have the benefit of lots of scouting information on him. German Marquez has not faced the Dodgers this year, but he has pitched well. He struggles most late in the game when batters get more aggressive on early pitches in the count, but this could be remedied if he controls the outsides of the zone a little bit more.

Saturday, September 9th 7:10pm: Chad Bettis (0-2 4.91) vs. Alex Wood (14-2 2.57)

Chad Bettis will be looking for a rebound game after some bad starts his last three times out. He has basically gotten worse with each progressive start, so this is an important one to get back on track. Alex Wood has had success against the Rockies this year giving up one run in twelve innings. He has been less good recently, but he has still been the top Dodgers pitcher behind Kershaw. With the offense still struggling a bit and Dodgers stadium being a pitchers park, this is not an ideal series to get the offense going, but it is a good series for Nolan Arenado to get back on track, as he destroys NL West opponents, especially in California.

Sunday, September 10th 2:10pm: TBD vs. Rich Hill (9-7 3.67)

This is the game that would slot as another bullpen game for the Rockies, if that is what they choose to do. Antonio Senzatela, Tyler Chatwood, or Jeff Hoffman could slot as the starter, but it is likely that any of them would only work four innings. The Rockies will have to hope they don’t get their bullpen overused in the first three games of this series, so that they may save some arms for this game. They have the benefit of 40 man rosters, but most of the pitchers that would be used that were call ups would not be the ideal men to use.