Shutout again, Rockies hopes slipping

Alex Gallardo AP Photo

Colorado is the only team in baseball that has held a playoff spot since game 1 of the 2017 season. Unfortunately for them, it is not how you start, but how you finish and the Rockies hopes of making the playoffs get more slim with each passing day. On their current road trip against the divisions worst teams, they have won only one game and have been shutout three times. It looks as though this team does not want to win as the offense has just failed to show up and has been putting in a terrible effort.

Saturday’s game mimicked Friday’s game in that the Rockies were getting shutout and no hit for half of the game. It took until the sixth inning for the Rockies to get a single, but unlike Friday’s game, they never put any runs up on the board. They loaded the bases with two outs in the sixth but came up empty, a sentiment that would be repeated time after time in the game.

In the nine innings, the Rockies had only five hits as they went 0-6 with RISP. The team put up a bad approach and never stood a chance as they made the Padres look like a playoff team. While the starting pitching has been solid this year, the normally excellent offense has been the main culprit for when the Rockies lose games and if they do not get on track quickly, this will be a season to remember in that the Rockies blew an excellent chance at a playoff appearance.

Chad Bettis was alright on Saturday allowing only one run, but he also couldn’t get out of the fifth inning and gave up seven hits to the Padres while walking two. It was an improvement over Bettis’ last few starts as he didn’t allow a lot of runs, but going less than five innings is never something that is praiseworthy and Bettis needs to be better if he is to earn a rotation spot next year.

With only one win in five games on this road trip, the Rockies absolutely need to win on Sunday. They cannot keep counting on the Brewers and Cardinals to lose to keep their lead and eventually they will need to string together some wins to either clinch a spot or ride out their one game lead to end of the season so that they may earn that second wild card spot.

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