Giants sweep mini series

Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images

There was one positive from Wednesday’s game and it did not even come from the Rockies game. With the loss to the Giants, and their third straight loss, the Rockies one game wild card lead was in jeopardy. Luckily for the Rockies, the Pirates took care of the Brewers to keep the Rockies a game ahead.

The win for the Pirates was certainly the biggest thing of note on Wednesday as the Rockies played a very poor game to the Giants. The Rockies had six hits on the afternoon but force no runs across, giving Matt Moore his first scoreless start in over a year. This is especially notable as the Rockies had beat up on Moore in many previous starts.

Tyler Chatwood allowed three runs to the Giants on Wednesday and walked two while allowing five hits. It was a decent start by Chatwood and he certainly started to settle in in the later innings, but he got no offensive support which really buried him and the Rockies. The Giants would score one run off the bullpen to give them an unneeded insurance run when they touched Oberg for a run in the seventh.

This was really a poor series all around for the Rockies and they now have to take themselves to San Diego for a series they absolutely need to dominate. The Padres have been bad this year, like the Giants, but it is obvious that in baseball a series can go any way. The Rockies need to get some more offense, something that has been so inconsistent this year, and would love to gain a game or two on the Brewers while they are at it.

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