Series Preview: Giants (54-85) vs. Rockies (72-64)


Monday, September 4th 1:10pm: Chris Stratton (2-3 3.82) vs. Chad Bettis (0-2 4.88)

While the Giants send a strong, young pitcher to the mound, the Rockies will send their own young guy. While Chad Bettis is not the rookie that most of the Rockies rotation is, he is still young and has plenty of room to approve. He pitched really well in his first two starts, but has struggled since then and needs to get back on track. More importantly than Bettis having a good start is the Rockies offense getting it together. While the pitching has been good enough to earn a few wins recently, the offense can’t find a key hit to save their life, something that absolutely needs to happens in this series.

Tuesday, September 5th 6:40pm: Ty Blach (8-11 4.68) vs. Tyler Chatwood (6-12 5.00)

The Rockies will go for a bullpen day during Tuesday’s game with Tyler Chatwood starting. While the bullpen has been very good, Tyler Chatwood has bene very bad at home and this may prove to be a dangerous game. Perhaps allowing Chatwood to go only a few innings will help him buckle down for those innings, but the Rockies need all the help they can get with winning games so Chatty needs to be solid. The offense is still not doing great, so any runs Chatwood gives up, lowers the chance of a win (obviously).

Wednesday, September 6th 6:40pm: Johhny Cueto (6-7 4.54) vs. Kyle Freeland (11-9 3.89)

In the series finale, the Rockies take on veteran starter Johhny Cueto. This is a lineup that has plenty of experience, and success, against Cueto which hopefully lends itself to a series win. The Rockies need to take this series, but a sweep would be ideal. The struggles have been palpable lately and the playoffs are slipping away very, very quickly, if the Rockies cannot right the ship. At the very least, the Rockies need to start scoring some runs and get the offense back on the right track.

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