Rockies swept in big series

David Zalubowski, AP

Amidst a shakeup of the lineup, the Rockies still came up flat, scoring only one run. German Marquez pitched decently, striking out nine while allowing four runs, but he could’ve been close to perfect and the Rockies still would’ve lost this game.

Sure, Arizona came into this series as one of the hottest teams in the league and they kept that up, but the Rockies played like a cellar dweller and put up little to no fight in the biggest series of the year. This team currently is playing lifeless baseball and someone needs to either step up or this team will fall right out of the playoffs and end the season with a lot of wasted potential.

Nolan Arenado had the day off and the Rockies played with a mixed lineup, but the life was still not there. LeMahieu led off and recorded a single and Charlie hit third, reaching base three times, but with RISP the Rockies were 1-10 leaving nine on base in the game. The clutch hit eluded the team again and the loss came just as easily as it had the two previous games.

There were really no positives in this series. Sure, the pitching was decent, but it was not perfect and with no run support that was what was needed. It is hard to fault the pitching in that regard, but the starters could not even go deep in the game, something that would have at least saved the bullpen a little work. The Rockies had an error in each game of this series, another sloppy stat that hurts the team and staff.

What comes next for the Rockies is a chance to get back on track. They get to play against the lowly Giants while also avoiding Madison Bumgarner, something that is at the least a good chance to win two games. This is really a series the Rockies need to win and a series where they need to score runs. The offense cannot keep this up and if they do and the Rockies still somehow make the playoffs, it will be a quick exit, likely in a game that would be against the Dbacks.

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