Team flat again, in free fall

841699986.0.jpgJoe Mahoney/Getty Images

The Rockies are officially struggling like the 2012 Rockies and yet are somehow still in the mix of things. They may only have a 1.5 game lead over the Brewers in the wild card, but with how they have played the last month and a half, that is still amazing. They have been going through some really rough stretches recently and it all falls on the offense. Even at home, the offense has been struggling like a bottom five team.

The pitching on the other hand, has been the one and only saving grace, something that has never been the case for the Rockies. The starters have been solid, with German Marquez, Kyle Freeland, and Jon Gray giving quality starts most time out. This DBacks series has been an exception, but those games happen. Despite that, the bullpen has also pitched really well, especially when given a lead. The bullpen is strong with a lead with Jake McGee, Greg Holland, and Pat Neshek being some real strong backend pitchers. Chris Rusin is the ultimate utility pitcher, pitching well in almost any circumstance, and Mike Dunn and Adam Ottavino have the potential to be shutdown pitchers when they are hot, but really bad when they are cold or injured.

As stated, the biggest culprit is the offense. Charlie Blackmon is still an extremely a real consistent hitter, but batting leadoff has limited, and hurt, his chance at driving in runs the Rockies desperately. DJ LeMahieu has been good, getting on base quite often giving the Rockies opportunities, but after him, the offense starts to drop off.

Nolan Arenado is still an amazing hitter, but the past week or so has seen him go cold, a real catalyst to the Rockies struggling offense. Parra is good, but has been mostly a singles hitter, something that would play better at the start of the inning rather than people on base. Mark Reynolds has dropped off, which is more regressing to the mean of his career, but that has been a contributing factor. Ian Desmond has come back, but like Parra, is not an extra base hit guy and has been on the DL much this year making it hard for him to get in a groove. Cargo and Story have been better hitters recently, but without people getting on in front of them, it does no good.

The fact of the matter is the Rockies either need a shakeup in the lineup or they need players to step up and get some hits with men on. This has been a pretty big collapse so far, but it does not need to end with the Rockies falling out of the playoffs. They played well enough early in the year that they gave themselves room to falter, now they just need to get things back on track, otherwise they stand no chance.

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