Rockies get timely hits, make series even

It took some timely two out hits and home runs for the Rockies to finally take a game with some offense, but no one is complaining here as Colorado gained ground on most of their trailers.

Along with an excellent start from German Marquez, the Rockies got their 2, 3, and 4 hitters to drive in six of their seven runs. It looked for a little while as though they were not going to run into the timely run, once again, but it they finally did something in the seventh to take a permanent lead.

The Rockies got on board first with an unlikely home run from the Rockies tall second baseman. DJ LeMahieu has been running into a couple lately and this was a no-doubter to right field, where DJ gets most of his hits. It may have been a solo shot, but it did give the Rockies an early lead and gave Marquez a run to work with.

Marquez was fantastic on Tuesday, despite giving up three runs which all came against him late. Marquez worked through 6.1 innings while allowing seven hits, but striking out ten. He started to struggle late, despite getting some good defense, by allowing a two-run game tying shot to Mikie Mahtook.

In the seventh, the Rockies threatened and scored to make a tie game their’s again. After two consecutive singles from the bottom of the order, Cargo came up to pinch hit. In what was some questionable managing by Brad Ausmus, he left in righty Michael Fulmer who allowed a sac fly to Cargo. It was not the most damage that could have been done, but after Cargo, Ausmus brought in a lefty anyways to deal with Charlie Blackmon, and he lasted only two pitches before being removed again.

With two men on and two out, Nolan Arenado came up to the plate and decided to extend the lead. Nolan crushed a ball to left-center to earn himself his third straight 30 homer, 110 RBI season. While he likely won’t win the MVP, it is hard not argue for Nolan being the best player on the Rockies and likely best third baseman in the league. With incredible defense, consistent offense, and an on-field demeanor that demands respect, Arenado is the Rockies MVP.


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