Offense flat again in series opener


Somebody call the cops, because the Rockies offense has gone missing. For what seems like the hundredth time, the Rockies scored less than four runs, failed to back up their pitcher, and lost a game purely because they couldn’t string together hits.

There is the argument going around that the Rockies offense is simply outdated. An offense that is supposed to string together hits and then rely on a gapper to drive those players in, in behind the curve where both pitchers and offenses rely on home runs, strikeouts, and walks to be the fuel to the fire.

Sure, you have guys like Mark Reynolds and Trevor Story who conform to this, but then you have players like LeMahieu, Parra, Lucroy, Desmond, Wolters, and Tapia who all rely a lot less on power and more on driving the ball to the opposite field. This works great when these guys are batting ahead of players like Blackmon and Arenado who can then drive them in, but with the current construction of the lineup, this just isn’t possible.

I, and many others, have advocated for a lineup shakeup for some time. A lineup where Blackmon doesn’t lead off, you have a couple different guys batting one and two, and Arenado and Blackmon bat three and four. Currently, Parra is the cleanup guy, which is all well and good except Parra isn’t a home run type of hitter. Put your big boppers, Nado, Blackmon, and Reynolds, at 3,4,5, and you construct a lineup that has some damage in the middle. Then with LeMahieu and Parra batting 1,2 or even Tapia and LeMahieu, you have some on base guys, you give LeMahieu a chance to avoid hitting into double plays, and you put men on for those who can actually drive them in.

The bottom of the lineup is still a problem, as you’d like guys like Cargo and Story to actually get hot and maybe run into a few more home runs so the pitcher doesn’t have to help themselves, but that is an ideal world that just doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the horizon for the Rockies.

For the time being, Colorado needs to get through this month of August where they have been atrocious. September call-ups are right around the corner and that means reinforcements for a team that just seems out of it. The Rockies are by no means out of the playoff race, they still hold a wild card spot, but if they continue this play, it could mean no meaningful baseball come October.

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