Rox forget to play until late, lose series


With the series on the line, the Rockies seemingly forget to play baseball until late in the game, scoring three runs in the eighth ninth to make this game seem closer than it really was. In the end, the Rockies played a pretty poor game in all regards, failing to pitch, play defense, or hit.

While Kyle Freeland was alright against the Brew Crew, he did walk a career high five batters. He only allowed four hits in the game and went 5.2 innings, but ultimately the walks really hurt him. The real pitching struggles came once the bullpen entered as Chris Rusin, Tyler Chatwood, and Scott Oberg allowed five total runs. What was at one point still a reasonable amount of runs to come back from, slowly turned into an insurmountable amount going into the last two innings.

Part of the struggles for the pitching came from the free passes that were allowed, but also from the four errors the Rockies committed on the afternoon. It was a poor game defensively for a lot of guys and that seemed to translate into the offense as well.

Prior to the ninth inning, the Rockies were 0-11 with RISP, a number that almost never amounts to a win. They had a sac fly early in the game to score a run and had another run on a solo homer, but the seven walks and two hits batters that the Brewers gave the Rockies never translated into runs, something the Brewers were able to do.

The ninth inning did see the Rockies score two runs, but the balls were not hard hit and it was mainly poor positioning by the Brewers defense that allowed the balls to get through the infield. The little life the Rockies had in the ninth was what they needed to play with all day long, except it took until they were already down and out to wake up from a Sunday slumber.

While it is not necessarily time to give up on the Rockies playoff chances, they still hold the first place spot and are two and a half games up, it is getting worrisome that they may fall back to some past seasons ways. The remainder of August sees them playing some sub .500 teams, but come September, they face only the NL West in a month that will be the most important month of Rockies baseball since 2009.

Jon Gray will open the Rockies road series against Kansas City to hopefully get the team back on track, but with the inconsistencies lately, it is hard to say exactly what will, or could, happen.

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