Swept by the Marlins, Rockies look to rebound at home

These were three very, very forgettable games for the Rockies. Stanton homered in each on, driving his total up to 42. The Rockies struggled with RISP in each game, failing to find a clutch hit in any of them. Nolan Arenado had a bad series, finishing it with a HBP in the hand that had him leaving early for the second straight game. And the starters struggled in each start, with none of them being able to get through six innings.

A sweep is a sweep and no team wants to take in the middle of a playoff race, but the Rockies can now head home and get an immediate morale booster with the return of Chad Bettis. It is hard to say exactly what kind of boost Betts can give this team, but even with a rough outing, his return will make many, both fans and players, happy and hopefully give the team a shot of life.

The fact that Bettis gets to make his return after a sweep and at home, both lend to what should be a game that is dominated by the Rockies. This is clearly one the Rockies need to win, for themselves and for Bettis, as there won’t be many stories in baseball this year, stories that are bigger than the game itself. Bettis is no Cy Young, but he is a leader on the team and give a needed shot in the arm.

Arenado might miss time because of his HBP, but there are other players on this team that can step up and give the offense the boost it needs. Charlie and DJ at the top of the lineup can set the table and guys like Parra, Cargo, and Reynolds need to do their best to play as they can and give the Rockies the RBIs that have escaped them this last road series. Jonathan Lucroy is another guy to watch as he has been good with the Rockies since being traded.


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