Rox blow tie game late

rockies-marlins-baseball-11675-jpg.jpegAP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Jake McGee faltered late against the Marlins turning a tied game into a three run deficit in the course of an inning. While he could have been better, the Rockies offense was also very bad on Friday, scoring all three runs on homer and going 1-8 with RISP. Granted, three of those at-bats came down to Jon Gray, but the guys in front of him just couldn’t put the ball in play when it mattered.

Gray was solid, but not great, throughout Friday’s game. As he has been often this year, Gray was really good the first two times through the lineup, but then ran into trouble as the Marlins saw him for a third time in the game. This came in the sixth inning where Gray got a quick first out, but then struggled with command. Stanton would hit his 40th home run of the year to bring the Marlins within a run. Gray would then allow a double, walk, sac fly, and walk before being removed.

Giving up three runs is not horrible, but not being able to finish the sixth sucks for Gray as it takes away the quality start. The bullpen then also had to eat up some more innings, though, for the most part, they did a good job of that.

Jake McGee was the main culprit in blowing the tie game late as he allowed a walk and a single to start the eighth inning. A single by Dietrich then gave the Marlins a lead before they blew the game open with a two-run triple to take a 6-3 lead going into the ninth. The Rockies didn’t do anything in the ninth to take a loss.

The only runs scored came on a Nolan Arenado two-run homer and a solo shot by Parra, but the rest of the hits were scattered and nobody came up clutch. Trevor Story twice struck out with two men on, and one time there was a runner on third with less that two outs, one of the worst times to strikeout. Batting eighth, there was not really anyone to back him up, but just putting the ball in play can be a valuable thing.

While the Rockies have struggled in Miami, they can still rebound with a win on Saturday and Jeff Hoffman on the mound. Hoffman will need to navigate the very dangerous top of the lineup to win this one, and hopefully snap Stanton’s home run streak.

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