Tale of two halves, Rox lose big

mets-rockies-baseball-83014-jpg.jpegAP Photo/Jack Dempsey

After having a 5-0 lead going into the fourth, the Rockies were looking really good. Along with Chatwood pitching well in his return to the rotation, the win looked imminent. However, everything changed when the home plate umpire was removed after being hit by a 54 foot Tyler Chatwood fastball. Maybe that rattled Chatty or maybe his collapse was something that was gonna happen anyways, but regardless, Chatwood faltered hard.

The fourth inning would see Chatwood allow two of the his eight runs in the game. Only one was unearned and it was what most would have expected from Chatwood at home. He did only walk one and actually pitched better than his line would leave you to believe, but when you allow a three-run homer and some other keys hits, the game will likely not go your way.

Scott Oberg allowed the other two Mets’ runs, allowing the Mets to score ten unanswered runs against the Rockies. Ten unanswered runs is a lot, especially when the offense seemed to be going pretty good. Every hitter except Blackmon had a hit and four different batters had two hits in the game, but after the five run third inning, the Rockies could not score.

The game is one to forget about going into the finale. The Rockies, looking at all aspects of this game, should win and win handily. Marquez is the better starting pitcher, the Rockies offense could easily get to the Mets starter Montero, and it is a home day game in which the offense can explode for a big game. But as any baseball fan will tell you, the game is unpredictable (just ask the Dodgers when they face the Braves) and a game you should win does not mean a game you will win.


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