Series Preview: Pirates (48-48) vs. Rockies (56-41)

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Friday, July 21st 6:40pm: Trevor Williams (3-4 4.57) vs. Jeff Hoffman (6-1 4.33)

After sweeping the series with the Padres, the Rockies take on an improving Pittsburg team. With Milwaukee six games over .500, the Pirates and Cubs are still very much in the playoff race, so Pittsburg will be trying all they can to win the series. They had a good series against Colorado in Pittsburg, so the Rockies will try and take some revenge. Having Hoffman on the mound is definitely a good thing as he has been good all year, but Coors has been playing pretty offensively with the weather heating up, so either pitcher could find themselves out of the game quickly.

Saturday, July 22nd 6:10pm: Chad Kuhl (3-6 4.85) vs. German Marquez (7-4 4.34)

With another rookie on the mound and a Pirates rookie on the mound, this is yet another game that could be up in the air. Kuhl has had a strange July starting a game only two days after a previous start and then going seven days before his next start. He will be back to regular rest before this next start which may help him, but again, Coors. Marquez was good for a quality start his last start and will try and build off of that. Like all the other rookies, he has had a good starts and bad starts. The Rockies would really enjoy a quick series win again, which would come along with a six game win streak, but things don’t always work out the way they are supposed to.

Sunday, July 23rd 1:10pm: Ivan Nova (10-6 3.27) vs. Kyle Freeland (9-7 3.67)

Freeland missed his last start with his innings in mind. The Rockies are trying to keep him from running into late season fatigue problems. He faces off against Ivan Nova who has been terrific this year, the best starter on the Pirates. That is saying something as they have Gerrit Cole on the staff, but he has not been the ace that the team had expected. Nova is not the typical ace, but any pitcher that can get outs and keep the other team from scoring runs. Freeland made a spot appearance because of the Rockies getting destroyed by the Mets, it works well to give him the day of rest. Coming back to the rotation should not be difficult, but stranger things have happened.

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