Mets rout Rockies for second straight game

rockies-mets-baseball-81233-jpg.jpegAP Photo/Frank Franklin II

Tyler Chatwood went only a third of an inning allowing three walks and a three-run home run in that period before he was removed with an apparent injury. Whether Chatwood was actually injured or if it was a guise to get him out of the game will remain to be seen, but it is almost guaranteed Chatty will be put on the DL, as he has some very obvious issues with walks that need to be worked out.

Even after the bad first inning, the Rockies had trouble offensively, on the mound, and defensively in this one to lose by a score of 9-3. This is a clear funk that seems to be continued from before the break. The offense has some major holes, the bullpen is both struggling and overworked, and the staff has been coming back to earth after a stellar start to the season.

Of course, all of this has been said repetitively over the last month, with no resolution in sight either. There may be some reinforcements coming from the DL with Ian Desmond scheduled to come back tomorrow, David Dahl finally on his rehab assignment, and Chad Bettis, though Bettis is probably the farthest away as he has to get back in shape, though his return is going to happen before the end of August.

Those players should help the offense and Bettis could help aid the rotation, but there are still bullpen holes and the offense could still use another player, preferably a catcher, more reliable short stop, or a bench bat. There are bullpen arms out there, but they may come at a premium price, as that is just the way it goes with mid season trades. The same goes for any power bat, so it all comes down to what the Rockies are willing to give up.

That also raises the question of what the Rockies should give up and what they should try and get. Any player that would be a rental or an expensive year and a half player should be passed on. The Rockies are not poised to win the World Series this year and competing next year should be a priority, but not at the cost of the farm which is extremely strong with the likes of McMahon, Rodgers, Patterson, Pint, and others.

While the hot start this year got a lot of fans excited only to see people jumping ship as if they were on the titanic over this last month, there is still a lot to like, if not this year, then next. The team is far from being out of it, but they should be concerned with just winning a wild card spot and earning some September experience for 2018 and beyond.

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