Offensive struggles continue

With Tyler Chatwood having a rare effective home start, the Rockies could not back him up with any offense, scoring only three runs. Those three runs are more than the Rockies even deserved, as they very easily could have been limited to one run with a reviewed play and a slightly better throw. Even with three errors by the Reds, Colorado did not have anything in them.

The only run the Rockies really earned came in the fifth inning, and that run could have been erased as well had the pitcher made a play on Trevor Story’s bunt. With the way the offense has been going and the fact the team has to rely on rookie pitching and a faulty bullpen so often, wins are really hard to come by.

One of the big positives of Thursday’s game came with a lineup shakeup, though there was also a couple negatives with the lineup. Charlie Blackmon was batting third for the first time this year and Raimel Tapia took over out of the leadoff spot, tallying two hits and a walk. Blackmon recorded two hits out of the three hole, though he did not drive in or score any runs.

The negatives coming from this was the fact that Nolan was out of the game, presumably for a day off, and Cargo was still batting fourth, despite hitting only .217 on the year and having the lowest slugging percentage on the team. Cargo is not a four hole hitter right now and until he can get hot, which seems to be only a matter of time until he does, he needs to move down. Some of the offensive struggles can be fixed with a shakeup, but it needs to be something that lasts more than a day and moves more than one player.

The loss gives the Rockies a split series, which really it could have been worse. The Rockies will now face the ChiSox for the final series before the All-Star break. Hopefully a break can give Colorado some rest and time to gather themselves for a second half push, because if it doesn’t, it could spell trouble for the playoff picture.

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