Rockies offense continues to struggle


This Rockies team is different from past teams, at least during this stretch. They are hitting few home runs, they are hitting even less extra base hits, and when they hit singles, they fail to advance runners. There is absolutely no small ball being played and with every runner put in scoring position, another batter is struck out or forced to pop out.

This was a game lost early anyways, as Kyle Freeland failed to finish both batters and innings as the Reds scored four runs with two outs and went 3-7 with RISP. They scored four runs in the first three innings and got some more late off of Ottavino, who continues to pitch just horribly.

The Rockies need a major shakeup with the lineup as the batters in the order are not performing the way they should be. The top three hitters, Blackmon, LeMahieu, and Arenado, are more than one trick ponies getting on base a lot and driving in runs. But hitters in the 4th-7th spots are not performing. Reynolds has dropped off drastically, though still continues to perform decently. Cargo has given absolutely no offense, no power, and is just not getting on base. The same goes for Story who strikes out often.

There is also the problem at the bottom of the lineup of lack of power. Tony Wolters has an absolutely atrocious slugging percentage and Amarista does as well, though Amarista lacks the ability to even get on base. Valaika is much like Story in that he hits home runs, but he also doesn’t get a lot of at-bats so he could improve his abilities with some more regular playing time, though it is unlikely he will get it.

The simple fact is that the lineup needs a shakeup. Charlie should not be hitting leadoff, Cargo should not be hitting fourth, and Story needs to be given some off time or at the very least move down in the lineup more. With Tapia available, he could take the leadoff spot and Charlie could be moved to third or fourth, giving him more opportunities for RBIs and also increasing the production at the top of the lineup.

This is the perfect time for a lineup shakeup, right before the All-Star break as it is the perfect amount of games for a little trial run on a new lineup. There are a lot of empty holes in the lineup and pair that with an extremely struggling lineup and you have a Rockies team who is in a terrible slump offensively and pitching wise.

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