How much worse can it get?

        Jeff Chiu AP Photo

Before this current Rockies losing streak, you could double their other highest losing streak in the season and it still wouldn’t reach eight games. Not many teams in the span of a season will lose eight straight, almost NO team would lose eight straight that was 20 games over .500, but that is just what the Rockies have done.

Over these eight games, just about everything has gone wrong at least once. There have been errors, there has been bad base running, there have been bullpen collapses, there have been blown saves, there have been short starts, and there has been offensive disappearances. Really, these are all things that most teams will go through over the course of the season. The disturbing thing for the Rockies is that they have all come during the same stretch.

Sure, the last couple of games have had better starting pitching, but they have also had bullpen pitchers giving up runs and the offense failing to score runners. The Rockies scored two runs in the very first inning on Wednesday, yet after that they scored only one more run and really failed to threaten again.

Eight straight losses and still 13 games above .500. Is that a sign of a team overachieving through the first two and a half months, or is it a team going through a particularly rough stretch? It seems to be a little bit of both right now, but there have also been injuries and slumps from players expected to do more. Jake McGee is slumping as a reliever, as is Ottavino. Story is a strike out machine and Reynolds has come back to earth.

With the injuries, you have seen Anderson go back to the DL after coming off of the DL. Cargo is on the DL but was also struggling mightily. Jon Gray has been on the sideline with only three starts on the year. Tom Murphy has recently come off the DL, but is also slumping to start the year. David Dahl was recently moved to the 60-day DL despite being expected back in mid to late-may. But injuries is something every team goes through.

It is simply hard to pinpoint exactly why this team has fallen off so drastically so quickly, but it also seems as though they could be poised for a bounce back as no team can struggle for this long, especially one as talented as the Rockies are this year.

Colorado gets an off day on Thursday, a day Bud Black hopefully uses effectively to rally the troops. They then head out to Arizona for a set with the second place Dbacks and they get a much needed return of Jon Gray in game one. Whether he can return to form so quickly will remain to be seen, but Gray is a staff ace and the most experienced starter save Tyler Chatwood.

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