Rockies can’t figure out Samardzija in loss

Jason O. Watson, Getty Images

The Giants pretty much dominated this game from beginning to end and they gave the Rockies their sixth straight loss. There is not getting around it, the Rockies are in a funk. The starting pitching is struggling, the offense is struggling, and the bullpen is struggling. There is really no part of this team that is playing well right now. Even the normally sure-handed defense is hitting a rough streak, possibly because of their extended time spent on the field while the pitchers struggle.

With a 9-2 loss against the Giants, the Rockies are officially in salvage mode. They need to figure something out and it seems like it should start with the starters. With a starter being able to work quickly and get deep into a game, it could solve multiple things at once. It would help the fielders because they wouldn’t need to stand around while a pitcher walks the bases loaded. It will help preserve some of the bullpen as they have been extremely overworked over the last week and a half. And it will also help get the Rockies a win, something they are in the need of to snap this streak.

The offense is in a funk too, but that is just something that happens, but it is also something that needs to change. Desmond and Story are middle of the order strikeout machines. Charlie has struggled from the leadoff spot recently, despite leading the league in hits. Nolan has not shredded the California teams as he typically has and Cargo was moved to the DL yesterday in the midst of one of his worst season starts.

You’d have to imagine that this is really where Bud Black is worth a lot over someone like Walt Weiss. Black has been through stretches like this before, both in his playing career and coaching career, so he should know how to approach his players to keep that motivated and working hard.

Baseball is a great game because it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. A rough stretch like this late in the season can be a death sentence, but this stretch comes at the end of June where the Rockies still have a lot of time to figure things out. With the All-Star only a couple of weeks away, the Rockies can get through the stretch, hopefully getting back to the way they started, and then gather themselves after the week long break to attack the division with the same fervor they started the season with.

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