Second rough rookie start gives Dbacks series win

                                                  David Zalubowski/Associated Press

Antonio Senzatela had the worst start of his young career as he allowed nine runs through four innings. The win put Arizona ahead of the Rockies in the standings by winning percentage and puts the Rockies in third in the division. Colorado now has to face LA for a road series against the red hot division leader.

The Rockies got on the board with their first batter of the game as Charlie Blackmon golfed a homer out to right center. That would be one of only three runs in the game for the Rockies as they lost their second straight. Arizona would tie the game in the next inning with an RBI ground out, but that would prove to be the least of the Rockies worries.

Arizona came into the third and fourth inning with the same hot bats that they had on Wednesday and they scored four runs in each inning. It was just a rough start for Senzatela who has come plummeting back to Earth after a strong start to his career. What will happen with Senzatela make take another start or two, but as of right now he seems destined for the bullpen.

His aggressiveness was a strength in his early outings, but his fastball has been finding the middle of the plate more and batters have been laying off his off-speed pitches. Without a terrific breaking ball, Senzatela has had to rely more on his fastball and when he is missing location and losing velocity, it turns into batting practice for the opposing team. This is hopefully just a hiccup for the young guy, but how he responds to adversity may make or break him.

While this is only one series and it is still early in the year, losing games inside of the division is painful, especially when the two teams now ahead of you have been refusing to lose. Colorado has been good about rebounding from tough losses and series and they haven’t lost more than three games yet this year. Keeping big losing streaks will help them salvage a wild card spot at the very least, but Colorado would like nothing more than to take home the division win for the first time ever.

Heading out to LA for a road series against the Dodgers is normally a bad thing, but perhaps the thick ocean air and the late games will help slow the ball down and give the pitchers some confidence. This is another key series and the Rockies would really like to take 2 of 3, if at all possible.

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