Chatty has another bad start at home


With Jon Gray’s return imminent, a rehab assignment could come within two weeks, it would be a bad sign to see Chatwood still in the rotation. After yet another poor start at home, Chatwood has proven once again that he is unfit to pitch at Coors. Along with his inconsistency on the road, he is just not a starting pitcher the Rockies can use anymore.

Chatwood would most likely find a home in the bullpen, taking either Scott Oberg’s, or more likely, Jordan Lyles spot. The sooner a move is made, the better, and even if Jon Gray is not the one to take the spot, Jeff Hoffman is primed and ready to take the rotation spot.

This could all be a gut reaction to Chatwood’s poor start today, but that stats this year and last year tell the story and show that it is all true. The Rockies lost today because of six runs given up by Tyler over only 4.1 innings. This would maybe be more acceptable if it came against a team that was an offensive powerhouse, but instead it came against the Mariners.

The Mariners have capable hitters, Nelson Cruz, Robinson Cano, and Kyle Seager, right in the middle of their lineup, but lately they have all been struggling resulting in an anemic Seattle offense. They scored five runs on 16 hits on Sunday against the Red Sox, and another six runs on Monday shows they may be coming around. The Rockies hope this is not the case as they still have three consecutive games against them and the Dodgers and Dbacks hot on their tail.

The Rockies tried to fight back into this game and got within a run, but they could just not force across the tying one. They had seven hits on the day, but failed to get any production from Cargo or Reynolds in the middle of the lineup, something that never bodes well. If you take away Parra from this game, the Rockies never really stand a chance, but fortunately Parra was able to drive in a couple to get the Rockies close.

Colorado sends Tyler Anderson to the hill on Tuesday, and they absolutely need a better start out of him. The Mariners did use a lot of their good bullpen arms on Monday, so even if the Rockies can’t get to their starter, they may have a chance late in the game if they happen to be down.

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