Series Preview: Mariners (22-29) vs. Rockies (33-19)

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 12.48.05 PM.png

Monday, May 29th 1:10pm: Sam Gaviglio (0-1 1.38) vs. Tyler Chatwood (4-6 4.50)

Gaviglio had a long road to the big leagues as he is now age 27 and has only made his debut this year. He has been effective in his two starts and his one relief appearance, but he is still a rookie and bumps in the road happen. However, the Rockies have not been great against young guys, especially ones they have not seen before, so this game is really one that is probably the easiest to lose over the four game home/away set. Tyler Chatwood is also taking the hill at home, which has normally been a bad omen, especially with how inconsistent he has been.

Tuesday, May 30th 5:10pm: Ariel Miranda (4-2 4.22) vs. Tyler Anderson (3-4 5.40)

Tyler Anderson seems to be coming out of his sophomore slump as he has been much better in May than he was in April. Hopefully he can keep that going against Miranda who, against one bad outing, has been very good this year. Coors is obviously very far away from Safeco field in terms of atmosphere and hitter vs. pitcher ballpark, so maybe things will be different. Colorado really does need to take these two games before heading to Seattle, but Seattle has been terrible on offense this year, so the Colorado pitchers can gain some confidence, unless of course they take off.

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