Rox repeat Monday’s win


After scoring eight runs in a win on Monday against the Phillies, the Rockies repeated that result by scoring eight more runs on Tuesday and getting another quality start from a rookie pitcher. German Marquez was not as good as Hoffman was, but he still went out and got six innings while allowing only one run. He struck out six and walked three in the start and gave the Rockies another easy victory against the Phillies.

The story on Tuesday was the offense from the outfield. The three Rockies lefty outfielders went 6-12 on the day with three home runs and six RBI and five runs scored. Blackmon hit two home runs on the night, both tape measure shots, and Parra lifted his own solo home run in nearly the same spot as Blackmon’s.

The Rockies tallied ten hits on the day for their fifth straight game of 10+ hits and it shows that there offense is really grooving on the road. They have ensured another series on the road where they will not lose a series, and with another win over the next two days, they take another road series. At 17-7 on the road, the Rockies have the best road record in the MLB and with their 30th win on Tuesday, they are the first team in the NL to win 30 games.

This Colorado team seems different. From the depth on the mound to the young starters taking games deep to the offense producing from top to bottom, there is a lot to like about this team. The biggest weakness would have to be the middle relief, but that is a piece that, can arguably, be overlooked as they are not often game deciders. With the pitchers going into the sixth or seventh inning, the middle relief does not often have to take over a game and keep it in hand, and that gives way to the dominant back end.

Colorado will try and take the series on Wednesday with Tyler Chatwood on the mound. They will need some more of their offensive prowess to ensure a win, unless of course Chatwood is more effective than he has been. Nothing has been certain with Chatwood and a quality start would be greatly appreciated by the Rockies and Chatwood himself.

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