Series Preview: Rockies (26-16) vs. Reds (19-21)


Friday, May 19th 5:10pm: Tyler Anderson (2-4 6.43) vs. Lisalverto Bonilla (0-1 4.85)

Tyler Anderson has been trending upward in his recent starts and that is exactly what the Rockies need. After having a doubleheader in which neither pitcher got into the sixth inning, the Rockies need length. If they can get some runs, that will help Bud Black keep Anderson in there, as he will have to play less to the win and can play more to keeping the bullpen strong for the rest of the series. The Rockies will face someone they have never faced before in Bonilla. Bonilla last pitched in 2014 before his two starts this year, so there is not much on him. The Rockies will be going in blind and they have not done that will in series where that has been the case.

Saturday, May 20th 2:10pm: Antonio Senzatela (6-1 3.31) vs. Tim Adleman (2-2 5.27)

Behind only Clayton Kershaw and Dallas Keuchel, Senzatela is at the top of the league in wins (an admittedly meaningless stat). Senzatela will face another Reds pitcher who is inexperience and while Senzatela himself is a rookie, he has shown the poise of a veteran. He has not done as well lately, but that should not keep him from proving exactly what he can do against a Reds team. Adleman only finished one inning his last time out and has not had a great start yet this year. Colorado hopes to not be the first in his young career, but anything can happen.

Sunday, 11:10am: Kyle Freeland (4-2 3.13) vs. Bronson Arroyo (3-3 6.31)

Arroyo has had a long career, 17 years, and is likely nearing the end of it. He faces off against a pitcher who has only just started his career in the series finale. Freeland has been the best Rockies pitcher early and this is yet another matchup that favors Colorado in the series. Arroyo does not have stuff and is what would be considered a crafty pitcher at this point in his career, but a good approach by the Rockies will trump his craft if they can show patience. The Rockies could very easily sweep this series, but they also have to take the Reds seriously, especially with how they have been overachieving this year.  The Rockies head into this series with a two game lead and one of the best road records in the MLB, so another good series could really cement themselves as legit contenders this year, if there are still nonbelievers.

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