Offense flat again, Rockies lose series

Kyle Freeland had a rough start on Wednesday allowing four runs in the first frame. And unfortunately for him and the Rockies, there was no Colorado offense to be had. The Rockies managed only three hits, with Charlie Blackmon tallying two of those, and scored no runs in the series finale. Freeland was able to settle down a bit after the first inning, but he still managed only 4.2 innings and ended up allowing 6 total runs.

The Padres won the game by a score of 6-0 and the Rockies dropped their first series of the year. The offense struggling is obviously starting to concern some people as it should. Trevor Story is hitting only .129, DJ LeMahieu is hitting .171 and Cargo has also struggled early, though he seems to be coming around. When the top of the order and your power guys aren’t producing, it makes it really hard to win games where a pitcher struggles.

Padres starter Zach Lee won the game against his own recommendation of not allowing fly balls, but it turns out most of the fly balls he allowed were mishit and weak. Center Fielder Manuel Margot recorded nine putouts, tied for second most in Padres history, and the Rockies really failed by trying to do too much. Perhaps it was the solo shots that won them the game on Tuesday, but everyone seemed to be trying to put a ball in the seats, instead of working for the single.

The Rockies will hopefully change their approach as they head to San Francisco. No fly ball is going to carry out in the heavy ocean air of AT&T park, so the Rockies need strong pitching and a changed approach at the plate if they are to get back on track. It is still early in the season, so it is hard to be really concerned, but the sooner the Rockies offense can snap out of this funk, the better.

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