Position Preview: Shortstop

25424279605_6870a12e6b_o_74nl5zbq_ckqffud8.jpg    Ross D. Franklin/AP

The Rockies earned some hard news yesterday when it was reported Ian Desmond had fractured his hand after being hit by a pitch. While this is a blow to their depth, the Rockies have some options to fill his void. Desmond may have filled some time at shortstop through the course of the year, but for the time being, that position will be manned by Trevor Story and whatever utility player makes it out of Spring training with the utility role.

Starter: Trevor Story

Story was the surefire starter going into Spring and that has not changed. While he has not had a great average so far, he has shown he still has power after being injured last year swatting four homers thus far. Story will hopefully grow this year at the plate, not so he hits more home runs, but so he strikes out less. Story had 130 Ks in only 97 games last year, but he did hit 27 home runs and still managed to get fourth in the MVP voting despite missing nearly half the season. Story will be the guy to watch early to see if pitchers start to exploit his holes or if he can adjust and turn into a legitimate shortstop of the future for the Rockies.

Much like second base, the backup role will go to either Amarista or Adames. Neither will play a large role this year, but with Desmond out they may see a little bit more playing time as the Rockies have to fill the infield holes will still giving days off to the everyday guys. The Rockies will hope for durability and no fluke injuries to Story otherwise they may find themselves struggling with infield depth. As of right now it should not be something to worry about, but it should be something to keep an eye on, pending an injury to one of the infield starters.


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