Position Preview: First Base


Another year and another year for the Rockies to prove themselves as a top offense. This year seems to leave less holes than last year, but there are still plenty of questions as Spring Training rolls on and the season begins. Some of the bigger holes and questions revolve around the bullpen, but there are still questions for what will happen at certain positions, like first base.

Probable Starter: Ian Desmond

Ian Desmond was signed by the Rockies this offseason to a pretty hefty contract, five years and $70 million. This contract will either be a huge mistake for the Rockies, or the smartest move of the offseason, all on how well Desmond adjusts to first base. Desmond was a starting short stop for much of his career and a converted outfielder who was solid. He is athletic and he will likely pick up the position, but he is going to need to hit well while playing average offense to make this move not completely terrible. This was a year for buyers and the first base market was plentiful, the Rockies just opted to make a riskier move.

Backup: Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds signed a minor league contract this offseason and will try and make the opening day lineup for the Rockies in the Spring. Reynolds exceeded expectations last year hitting for a career high average and was good for the second best WAR of his career at 1.5. Reynolds is likely going to regress and him doing anything like he did last year would be a surprise to most everyone, however if he keeps the same approach, he will get some solid time as a backup and be some good bench depth.

Player to Watch: Jordan Patterson

Patterson played only 1o games at the bigs last year, but he had success and is looking good so far in Spring Training. He is the dark horse to take over the first base spot, or at the very least start with the big league club this year. He is a good depth player, but the Rockies are better off, for at least the start of the year, to give him significant playing time at AAA if he is not going to play a role with the Rockies. However, if Patterson can continue what he did last year, he will find himself moving up to the bigs rather quickly and may possibly split time with Desmond, with Desmond finding himself playing an everyday utility role.

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