Rockies crushed in bad loss

160927_Rockies_Giants1016_bay117.jpgScot Tucker SFBay

The Rockies are currently playing fodder to playoff contenders right now and it has resulted in an ugly five game losing streak. There’s only a few reasons to watch Rockies games right now and sometimes it’s only one thing. DJ LeMahieu and his batting title is the first reason, and the other reasons revolve around young players.

It is hard to root for the young players though when they aren’t getting playing time. Walt Weiss is giving Nick Hundley far more time than he deserves down the stretch, considering he really doesn’t have a place with this team next year and the veteran outfielders are getting more playing time as well, although they are certainly more deserving.

With Hundley catching every third game, the Rockies young starters, Tony Wolters and Tom Murphy, are getting robbed of that start that one of them should be getting. These are the young catchers that will have a place with this team next year and they should be earning starts, with Hundley filling in as a pinch hitter. There just really isn’t any reason for Hundley to be playing right now. It would be one thing if the Rockies were competing and they needed that veteran presence behind the plate, but even that offers little with how well the young guys have caught the starters. Tony Wolters has shown himself to be a vast improvement over Hundley defensively, and despite Hundley’s recent success with the bat, Tom Murphy has far more upside.

The outfield is obviously a much more difficult situation as the Rockies have a surplus of outfielders, all of which are lefties. Cargo and Blackmon have questionable futures with the Rockies but they are still earning playing time everyday. This is not to say that they should be removed from the lineup completely or not make starts over the final five games, but they should have been playing less once the Rockies were eliminated. Call it an off day or call it try outs for next year, the Rockies are going to have a lot of decisions to make this offseason regarding their young outfield. It would be such an easier decision if the Rockies had one or two right handed outfield bats, but Raburn is the only one of those and he has not played well at all.

Blackmon and Cargo are the most valuable trade chips this offseason and it is almost guaranteed that at least one of them will be traded. The bullpen is obviously the Rockies biggest focus so if they do trade Charlie or Cargo, that should be what they trade for.

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