Series Preview: Rockies vs. Giants

giants vs rockies

Tuesday, September 27th 8:15pm: German Marquez (1-0 3.48 ERA) vs. Matt Moore (11-12 4.34 ERA)

Marquez earned his first win in his first major league start his last time out and it showed why the Rockies have a handful of young talent from their starters. This game should be all about that for the Rockies, showcasing not just their young starter talent, but all of the young talent they have on this team. They are not competing for anything and the only thing they can do at this point is spoil the Giants chances at the playoffs. The young Rockies outfield should get lots of starts over these final two series and it should makes fans excited for the future. This game probably won’t see too many of the young guys as Moore is a lefty and a lot of the young guys are lefties, but some will start no matter what.

Wednesday, September 28th 8:15: Tyler Chatwood (11-9 4.08 ERA) vs. Jeff Samardzija (12-10 3.83 ERA)

This could be Chatwood’s last start of the year, it likely will be, and it gives him a chance to get his ERA under 4.00. Chatwood has been very good this year, on the road, and another game at AT&T Park will give him one last chance to show off his stuff. Chatwood obviously has something to work on going into the offseason and that is pitching at home, whether it be a small tweak or something more major, Chatwood will need to get better at pitching at Coors Field if he is to be an impact player for the Rockies in the coming year.

Thursday: September 29th 8:15pm: Jon Gray (10-9 4.54 ERA) vs. Albert Suarez (3-5 4.29 ERA)

The series finale has two rookies going against each other, although one is certainly brighter than the other. Jon Gray has shown why he was drafted as a first rounder for the Rockies this year, but he has still struggled at times, particularly in the first inning. This start, Gray needs to get out of the first inning and show what he can do. If Gray were to somehow tally 18 strikeouts in this game, he would reach the 200 mark on the season, but that is a pretty lofty goal and Gray should focus more on using his stuff to dominate this Giants lineup. This series could certainly go either way, but with how bad the Rockies played against the Dodgers, this would be a great chance to rebound against a division rival and spoil their chances at the playoffs.

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