Grand slam in seventh kills Rockies

Rockies Dodgers Baseball.JPEG
Jae C. Hong AP Photo

The Rockies held a lead into the seventh inning and looked to be in control of the game. However, that would end quickly as normally consistent Boone Logan blew the game for the Rockies. In the end, the Rockies would waste Chatwood’s good start and lose the game by a score of 7-4. The game also brought the Dodgers magic number down to 4.

The Rockies did some damage early, getting to Brett Anderson for three runs in the second inning. Three hits to start the inning broke the scoreless game open and the Rockies would get two more runs in the inning off of a sac fly and a single. The inning was good for the Rockies and getting three runs is normally enough at Dodger Stadium. No lead has been safe this year for the Rockies bullpen and that would shine through again in the seventh inning.

After completing the seventh inning with a two run lead, Tyler Chatwood would see all his hard work disappear quickly. Jordan Lyles came on and faced only one batter, Andre Either who would double, before being removed for Boone Logan. Boone got Justin Turner to fly out for the first out of the inning, but things would quickly collapse after that. The next three batters would all walk and Adrian Gonzalez walking would bring in a run. Then Yasmani Grandal would come to the plate with the bases loaded. Grandal already had a home run in the game and he would earn another, a grand slam, on a 2-2 pitch.

The grand slam leads to questions once again on manager Walt Weiss’ pen management issues. Walking three batters is bad enough and that should have gotten Logan removed as he clearly didn’t have it, but he remained in the game and that cost the Rockies. There is clearly no worries about using your bullpen too much, with all of the September call-ups, but Weiss still kept him in and it cost the Rockies.

The bullpen is obviously the biggest concern going into the 2017 season and the Rockies front office needs to do all they can to reinforce that weak pen. There are not a whole lot of big name free agents this offseason, but the Rockies have some trade pieces that could earn them a bullpen piece or two and they have the money to sign a pitcher or two as well. Simply put, the Rockies have a clear cut priority this offseason and if they do nothing to repair their bullpen, the season will surely be lost.

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