Jorge has weak last start, emotions shine through

1024x1024.jpgDavid Zalubowski, AP

In what was likely the last start of Jorge’s career as a Rockie, he could not end on a high and happy note. But what Jorge couldn’t do in his last start was by no means indicative of his career as a Rockie.

Jorge didn’t come to Colorado until 2008 and while you would never call him the ace of a typical team, he was a leader and role model on this Rockies team, and a stunning example of pitching at Coors Field. Jorge had a career 4.31 ERA at Coors Field and holds the records for strikeouts and wins by a Rockies pitcher. De La was always a pitcher that could get himself out of a jam and earn a strikeout when need be. This season was one of Jorge’s worst starting and ending on a low note, but he still showed some promise for quite a few starts after returning to the rotation.

Tuesday was a bad start for Jorge, there is no way around it, but it ends what is the Rockies legacy of having older pitchers, as next year they are likely to have a rotation of young, promising talent. So while this season seems to be coming to a quick, disappointing end, the Rockies have a lot to look forward to.

The loss to the Cardinals means little for the Rockies, but for the Cardinals it could mean a wild card berth. Rockies fans should actually be rooting for the Cardinals as them earning a wild card could eliminate the Giants and end the “even year” streak that the Giants seem to have rolling. Really, none of that means much for the Rockies but it is always nice to see a team outside of the division lose, especially when they have winning every other year.

Regardless of the loss to the Cardinals on Tuesday, the Rockies will have one of their young starters making a start on Wednesday, the first of his career. German Marquez is young and the reason the Rockies traded Corey Dickerson. This is the first glimpse into what he may bring for the Rockies staff and there is a lot to look forward to from him and the rest of the young rotation.

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