Padres rout Rockies with seven run inning

600961726.0.jpgDenis Poroy/Getty Images

Jeff Hoffman was fine through the first two innings, but an error with two outs turned into a huge inning. It was all downhill after that as Clayton Richard dominated the Rockies and the Padres erupted for fourteen runs, the most runs they’ve scored since June 1st.

The Rockies only narrowly avoided a shut out when Cristhian Adames hit a solo shot in the top of the ninth. Aside from that, the Rockies had six singles and a double, but only managed two hits in an inning twice. They could not convert on any of there three walks either and they went harmlessly.

Hoffman unraveled after the error, but he was struggling with throwing strikes the whole night. It often seemed he was down 1-0 or 2-0 to batters and that is never a recipe for success. The error came on a ground ball that Adames couldn’t handle, and after that the Padres had four singles, a walk, and a home run to drive across seven runs in the inning. The only good thing about the error is that the runs go as unearned and they don’t balloon Hoffman’s ERA, however that is a shallow positive and the big inning never should have gotten as big as it did.

The game also continues a bad trend for the Rockies of losing to bad teams. The Padres would very rarely ever score fourteen runs, especially at home, but on Thursday night they seemed to do it with ease as every starter, excluding the pitcher, earned themselves a hit. Every batter, including the pitcher, also earned themselves either an RBI or a run in the big win.

The Rockies will go to Tyler Chatwood on Friday and they will try and have more success in all facets of the game. Two errors, one run, and giving up fourteen runs is no winning recipe and the Rockies need to drastically improve on this game. Playing sound defense should be the first priority as without the error on Thursday, the big inning never would’ve happened.

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