Series Preview: Diamondbacks vs. Rockies


Friday, September 1st 6:40pm: Robbie Ray (7-12 4.28 ERA) vs. Jorge De La Rosa (8-7 5.09 ERA)

Both of these lefty pitchers have had pretty solid years for their team towards the back ends of the rotation. Jorge had a pretty good start against the Diamondbacks his last time out even though he walked five batters. Robbie Ray was less successful against the Rockies in his last start way back in May. He managed only 4.2 innings in the eventual loss. He has been better in his last four starts, but going against the Rockies will likely be a tough task for him, especially with the damage righties can do off of him, particularly Nolan Arenado. This series will also tell a tale of how the Rockies want to end their year. They have been just plain bad against teams that are under .500 this year, especially in the second half, and this series will see if they keep that up.

Saturday, September 2nd 6:10pm: Braden Shipley (2-3 4.75 ERA) vs. Chad Bettis (11-7 5.17 ERA)

This series really matches up with the back ends of these rotations the first two games and the scores will likely reflect that. Shipley is only a rookie and he has had mixed success so far. In three of his seven career starts, he has given up six or more runs while in the other four he allowed two or less. Facing the Rockies, he could very well give up a lot of runs, but being young and not having a whole lot of information on him could mean keeping the Rockies off balance, if they are unable to adjust. Chad Bettis has also had mixed success this year, although he has made many more starts. Bettis’ control has not been as great as he would like these last couple starts and how many he walks will be something to keep an eye on. His last start out he only walked one and that is something he needs to replicate in this game.

Sunday, September 3rd 2:10pm: Archie Bradley (5-8 4.95 ERA) vs. Jon Gray (9-6 4.41 ERA)

Gray has shown a lot of growth in his first full year with the big league club and he has also shown the ability to rack up the Ks by setting the Rockies rookie record. Gray will certainly be a top of the rotation starter and all he needs to do now is finish the year strong. Ending the series with him on the mound will hopefully at the very least mean finish the series with a win. If the Rockies offense does their job and the bullpen doesn’t blow late leads like they have so often lately, this series could be a really good one. However, relying on the bullpen has been the last thing you want to do for the Rockies and the Diamondbacks have gotten AJ Pollock back adding some more potency to their lineup.

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