Series Preview: Rockies vs. Nationals


Friday, August 26th 5:05pm: Jeff Hoffman (0-1 13.50 ERA) vs. Gio Gonzalez (8-9 4.30 ERA)

Jeff Hoffman was given no easy task in his Major League debut as he had to face the Cubs. On Friday he will take on what is another difficult team in the Nationals. He did show potential through the first few innings, but quickly ran into trouble the second time through the lineup. Look for Hoffman to make adjustments as he faces the Nats lineup the second time through. Gio Gonzalez’s last start against the Rockies was cut short by a rain delay. It was not a great start for Gio though and getting removed may have been a blessing in disguise for his ERA. Look for the Rockies to try and jump out to an early lead, however morale may be low after getting swept by the Brewers.

Saturday, August 27th 11:05am: Jorge De La Rosa (8-7 5.07 ERA) vs. A.J. Cole (0-1 5.14 ERA)

Cole is a rookie and has made only one start this year, although he did appear three times last year. Cole is by no means a seasoned rookie and is only a few games ahead of where Jeff Hoffman is at. The Rockies need to take advantage of the young rookie and start back in the right direction. Gio Gonzalez is a tough customer, but with how inconsistent rookies can be, the Rockies may have a chance of breaking this one open for a hopeful blowout win.

Sunday, August 28th 11:35am: Chad Bettis (10-7 5.29 ERA) vs. TBD

The Nationals have not yet named a starter for Sunday, but the more important thing for the Rockies will be how Chad Bettis performs. He allowed a career high seven walks in his last start out and that was against a team with a much worse offense than the Nationals. If he gives up even half as many walks to the Nats, this will be a bad game for both him and the Rockies. Bettis needs to bounce back to the pitcher he normally is. Getting ahead early in the count and pitching to contact is when Bettis is best and when he gets too fine with his pitches he gets into trouble. He is no ace and trying to pitch like one only gets him trouble. With how the Rockies have been going, this could end up a sweep for either the Nats or the Rox. The Rockies have played well against good teams, but it seems unlikely that they will dominate a series just after they struggled against the Brewers.

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