Series Preview: Rockies vs. Brewers


Monday, August 22nd 5:20pm: Chad Bettis (10-6 5.29 ERA) vs. Jimmy Nelson (6-13 4.31 ERA)

Jimmy Nelson is by no means a top of the rotation pitcher just as Chad Bettis isn;t, but the difference is their records. With a team behind him like the Rockies, Bettis often gives the Rockies offense a chance to win by not letting the game get that out of hand. Nelson on the other hand does not have an explosive offense and allowing four or more runs often ends with his team losing. That explains his awful record and while his ERA isn’t terrible, he has still allowed six or more runs seven times. This game certainly favors the Rockies, but if they play down to their competition this game could wind up a lot closer than it should.

Tuesday, August 23rd 6:10pm: Jon Gray (8-6 4.69 ERA) vs. Chase Anderson (7-10 4.97 ERA)

Jon Gray was a little bit better in his last start than his previous two, but he still needs to improve on it. Gray has shown he can be spectacular at times, but he has also struggled early and gotten behind quickly. He has shown the ability to recover, but in his first full Major League season, Gray needs to show he can finish strong. The chance that he gets some runs to support him is very likely with Anderson on the mound, but Gray needs to be able to show he can take those runs and turn it into a lopsided win just as De La did on Sunday against the Cubs.

Wednesday, August 24th 6:10pm: Tyler Anderson (4-4 3.69 ERA) vs. Zach Davies (9-6 4.18 ERA)

Of the three pitchers going in this series for the Brewers, Davies has had the most success. Unfortunately for him, he is going against the Rockies most consistent pitcher. Anderson may have given up more runs than he would’ve liked to in his last start out, but he still managed seven innings. Going against the offense of the Brewers bodes well for the Rockies and Anderson and pending some good pitching and even a little bit of offense, the Rockies have a great chance to sweep this series and climb to a game under .500. Milwaukee is 17 games under .500 and has lost 2 of their last 10 so the Rockies need to take full advantage of their struggles.

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