Bullpen wastes another great start

1470790939-587845488_52119625_89970.jpegJustin Edmonds/Getty Images

Tyler Chatwood suffered the same fate as Tyler Anderson did the day before him. A great start turned into a loss because of the bullpen being unable to keep the Rockies ahead. The only difference was for this game, the lead got blown in the eighth instead of the ninth. For many Rockies fans, this is the part of the season where the Rockies start to fall. Two tough losses could destroy the Rockies momentum, especially as they now have to head to Texas for two more teams against the Rangers.

The Rockies are also facing the loss of Cargo. Although he doesn’t believe he will require a DL stint, any amount of time he misses is a tough loss for the Rockies lineup. Gerrardo Parra is back in the lineup, but he is merely a defensive replacement and his offense just isn’t comparable to that of Cargo’s. Fortunately for the Rockies, Nolan Arenado has broken out of his slump in a big way.

During the game on Tuesday, Nolan had two hits and two walks over five plate appearances and drove in two runs. He has 91 RBIs on the season, leading the National league, and has been the fuel of the Rockies offense over the last few days.

The offense has not been the problem from these losses and different from most years, the starting pitching is not the culprit either. Tyler Chatwood went 6.2 innings on Tuesday while giving up two runs. He also didn’t walk a batter and struck out eight, a season high. He only allowed five hits during his start and was certainly much better than he has been at home.

Scott Oberg then came in during the eighth inning and blew the small lead the Rockies had. Four straight hits blew the three run lead the Rockies had and one more run came in when Jake McGee came in to replace Oberg. The run was still credited to Oberg and it drove his ERA up to 5.14. Jordan Lyles allowed one more run in the ninth, but at that point the Rockies were already down.

The offense couldn’t score another run after they scored in the fifth, but the five they scored should have been enough for a win. The Rangers do have the most come from behind wins in the Majors this year, but if the Rockies are to compete they need to shut a team down when they are ahead.

Heading off to Texas will be no easy task and the Rockies will likely need some luck as well as some players having great games to win a game. Taking both games on the road would be great, but any win is better than the Rockies can ask for. They will then continue their road trip and head out to Philadelphia.

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