Series Preview: Rockies vs. Mets

1437572412-mlb_rockies_mets_tickets (2)

Thursday, July 28th 11:15am: Tyler Anderson vs. Jacob deGrom, Rockies win 2-1

This game was an early turnaround for the Rockies and it took them until the ninth inning against one of the games best closers to get on the board. It took an error and a wild pitch but the Rockies got two runs to cross and won the game. The pitchers for the Rockies pitched terrific (excluding Jake McGee who loaded the bases) but everyone else did really well. Tyler Anderson continued his stellar 2016 stint and now holds the record for lowest ERA for a Rockies rookie starter through nine games. This game set the Rockies up for a potential great road trip.

Friday, July 29th 5:10pm: Tyler Chatwood (9-6 3.65 ERA) vs. Steven Matz (8-6 3.36 ERA)

The second game of this four game set pits two young pitcher who are both having great years. Matz will make his first career start against the Rockies while Chatwood will make his second start this year against the Mets. Chatwood managed seven innings while allowing three runs at home against the Mets, but keep in mind Chatwood has struggled at home this year so that good start means that much more. This away start for Chatwood could mean him doing even better as he has pitched really well on the road. This game could very well end up like the first game of the series and will come down to which team plays defense and comes up with the clutch hit.

Saturday, July 30th 5:10pm: Jorge De La Rosa (6-7 5.70 ERA) vs. Bartolo Colon (9-5 3.35 ERA)

Colon is as veteran as a veteran gets in the game today and he is having another very solid year. His month of July has been perhaps his worst month of the year and the Rockies will hopefully keep that going. Colon has not yet faced the Rockies this year just as De La Rosa has not faced the Mets. This game could go either way, but the Rockies are streaking upward while the Mets offense has been struggling and Yoenis Cespedes is encountering some injury trouble. The Rockies could finish this game at .500 if they win Friday and Saturday and that could be a very unforeseen possibility for the Rockies as many people had them struggling through the whole year.

Sunday, July 31st 11:10am: Chad Bettis (9-6 5.19 ERA) vs. Noah Syndergaard (9-5 2.45 ERA)

Facing off against Thor is no easy task so it means that much more should the Rockies win the first three games of the series. This matchup will be the most difficult, but Chad Bettis has been very solid lately and this whole series could end with four pitchers match ups. Syndergaard has electric stuff and it will most likely come down to the Rockies elevating his pitch count and getting to the bullpen as quickly as they can. If the Rockies can sweep this series, it will put them above .500, but just winning two of the game would be a big deal and would mean the Rockies would finish the road trip at 4-3. This was an extremely difficult trip and the Rockies have proven to be a team worthy of competing so far.

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