Another offensive outburst beats the Rockies

gettyimages-578126636.jpg                                                                                       Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

After losing 10-1 on Tuesday, the Rockies took another big loss on Wednesday. Chris Archer was back to his old self, while De La Rosa struggled much like Chatwood did. The final score was 11-3 with the Rays tallying 16 hits to the Rockies 8 hits.

For the third game in the series the Rays scored in the first run to take the early lead. The Rockies did take a brief lead when they played some small ball in the second to score two runs, but it did not last long.

The next two innings the Rays would score eight runs as they beat up De La. With no long relief man and a tired bullpen, Jorge had no choice but to remain in the game and eat innings. Even that would not last long as De La was removed in the fourth. He allowed 9 runs (7 earned) on 11 hits while walking two. It was De La’s worst start since returning to the rotation and while it certainly isn’t a good sign, one bad start is not too much to be worried about.

What this game does more than anything is solidify the Rockies at sellers at the deadline. If the Rockies were to accomplish something like a sweep of the Rays or at the very least winning two of three, they could say they were trying to compete. Losing two of three though against a bad team put the Rockies 8 under .500 and 8 games back of the wild card. The Rockies will not be “dismantle the whole team” sellers, but they should trade at least one of Charlie Blackmon or Carlos Gonzalez (depending on what they can get) and a bullpen pitcher or two, namely Boone Logan, Jake McGee, or Jason Motte.

What they will be looking for in return should be major league ready prospects that are pitchers. They are not in desperate need of any position players, with the exception of maybe first base, but they are in need, as they always are, of pitchers. They should not settle for low level prospects that are a few years out as the Rockies will be competing within the next two years.

The Rockies certainly do not need to trade either of their outfielders and frankly it does not seem likely that the will, but trading a bullpen pitcher or two should be a priority. There are plenty of competitors who will be looking for a bullpen piece, and most likely any of the players being traded will perform better outside of Coors, and other teams know that as well.

It will be interesting to see how the Rockies fair over the next series to solidify their chances as sellers, but it will be more interesting to see if one of their outfielders gets shipped out and what kind of return they will get.

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