Series Preview: Rays vs. Rockies

nolan-arenado-mlb-los-angeles-dodgers-colorado-rockies-e1459797060552.jpgChris Humphreys, USA TODAY

Monday, July 18th 6:40pm: Drew Smyly (2-10 5.47 ERA) vs. Tyler Anderson (1-3 3.03 ERA)

Smyly, along with getting not much run support, has been really bad this year. At 2-10, his record is very reflective of how he has pitched. Tyler Anderson on the other hand, has a record that does not reflect how well he has pitched. After earning a list of firsts in his last start out, including his first career win and home run, Anderson will look to string together a couple of wins. Tyler has been exactly what the Rockies could have wanted as number one draft pick in 2011. Although he’s had a long and difficult road to the bigs, he has performed great now that he is up. The Rockies offense will look to back him, but they will certainly need more runs than they scored yesterday. Being at home bodes well for them, but they still need to come out swinging against a struggling team that doesn’t have much confidence.

Tuesday, July 19th 6:40pm: Blake Snell (1-4 3.69 ERA) vs. Tyler Chatwood (8-5 3.29 ERA)

Rookie Blake Snell has pitched similarly to Anderson and has gotten the same kind of support. But being a rookie and coming to Coors Field is no easy task and depending on how the Rockies do on Monday, Snell could come into this game shaking in his boots. Tyler Chatwood is another pitcher who hasn’t really welcomed pitching at Coors, despite it being his home ballpark. Other pitchers have shown that you can do well at Coors, now Chatwood just needs to strengthen his confidence at home and pitch like he has on the road. He hasn’t pitched terrible in every start at home, but the consistency has certainly not been there and if he is not be a top two starter, he needs to pitch well at Coors.

Wednesday, July 20th 1:10pm: Chris Archer (4-13 4.68 ERA) vs. Jorge De La Rosa (6-6 5.50 ERA)

Archer is not the pitcher he was a year ago. This is in part due to how terrible his team has been this year, but he has also just been struggling. Archer has allowed 20 home runs this year and his WHIP is at 1.4. He clearly hasn’t been getting any support from his offense, as reflected in his league leading 13 losses, but he has also allowed a lot of runs for a team that needs shutouts to win. Jorge De La Rosa has been absolutely great since returning to the rotation. De La has never been a pitcher to go 8 innings of shutout ball, but he has been exactly what he has been in the years past, a pitcher that goes out every fifth day and pitches well enough to allow the Rockies to win. He started the first game back from the All-Star break and earned the Rockies a win and he will hope to cap off what is a necessary and possible sweep.

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