Series finale ends with more of the same

Rockies Giants Baseball.jpegBen Margot AP Photo

The only good thing that came from this game was that it ended. The Rockies won one game over six during this road trip and all five losses were pretty much exactly the same. The starters performed well enough for a win, the offense disappeared, and the bullpen allowed a couple of runs to put the game out of reach.

The exact same thing happened Wednesday night with Jorge De La Rosa on the mound. De La pitched seven innings and gave up three runs, a quality start, and the offense failed to back him up. Earning only five hits and one run, the Rockies finished the series up with a 5-1 loss to the Giants, who now possess the best record in the Majors.

The worst part of this loss was the Rockies having a chance to get something going early. In the first, second, and fourth innings, the Rockies had runners on and started the innings pretty good. The first and second innings ended pretty quickly with double plays coming in both innings. The fourth inning almost ended the same way, but Trevor Story managed to beat the throw to first to allow a run to cross the plate. That one run was hardly enough for the Rockies to win and was actually the end of the offense for the Rockies. Only one other hit came after the fourth, a single by Cargo and that was hardly enough to spark a rally.

Jorge did allow a couple of first inning runs, but he remained calm and got through seven innings still while only allowing one more run. With the way the Rockies offense has been going on this road trip, three runs did seem like an insurmountable lead, but it was still an admirable performance.

Gonzalez Germen came on in the eighth and only retired one batter while allowing two runs. Down by four and heading into the ninth basically meant the end of this game for the Rockies and that is what happened.

The road trip is finally over and the Rockies get to return home for a four game set with the Phillies. Then All-Star break will be here and hopefully with that comes some new life. If the Rockies keep dropping games, expect some exciting shake ups comes the trade deadline and some midseason call ups. The Rockies are not competing, so they may as well let their 2017 team get some experience under their belt and build some chemistry.

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