Dodgers complete sweep with more of the same

gettyimages-544417352 (1).jpg     Harry How/Getty Images)

This series was a perfect example of the saying “same stuff, different day”as the Rockies could not get anything going on offense once again. Another fine pitching performance was wasted, another game filled with strike outs, and another loss resulted in the sweep and the Rockies need to get serious about winning before they fall to the basement. The 4-1 loss Sunday afternoon brings with it concern directed towards the offense.

The Rockies recorded only 12 hits on offense and two total runs over the 27 innings they played against the Dodgers. This number would be less concerning had they been facing pitchers like Clayton Kershaw, but the Rockies went up against three different pitchers who they made look like Cy Young winners. Bud Norris, Scott Kazmir, and Brandon McCarthy all struck out at least eight batters in six innings or less. The offense was simply lifeless and without a quick turn around, the Rockies could find themselves out of it before they even know what hit them.

The pitching is certainly not to blame over this series. Giving up five runs and six runs on Friday and Saturday respectively is certainly not easy to get past at night at Dodger Stadium, but the fact of the matter is the offense for the Rockies was non-existent. The starters gave the offense a chance to win, but when you tally only twelve hit over three games, the chances of winning are not great.

The biggest disappointment from the offense was the number of strike outs. The Rockies struck out 41 times during this series, three shy of a club record set against the Dodgers in 2003. Striking out that many times mean a lot for a failing offense. Good things happen when the ball is in play and making the defense earn an out is always a more sure way of reaching base than swinging and missing. The approach over the last three games has been “swing for the fences” and it is clearly not the way to win games. Small ball was why the Rockies were competing early in the year and grinding out wins and they need to get back to that. Taking pitches, hitting the ball the other way, bunting batters over, things like that are the way a team wins games with small ball.

The Rockies will head off to San Francisco for a three game set against the Dodgers and the pitchers they face could very well result in another sweep. Without some timely hitting and change in approach, the Rockies will find themselves last in the division before the All-Star break comes.

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