Offense goes quietly into the night

bettis.jpgJae C. Hong, AP Photo

The Rockies once again failed to get anything going on offense and lost to the Dodgers by a score of 6-1. There isn’t really any positives that came from this game besides a Nolan Arenado home run that came in the ninth. Even that was a listless action that was all for naught.

Chad Bettis perhaps saved his rotation spot for another turn. He didn’t pitch great, giving up four runs over six innings, but when he didn’t give up runs in the first and third innings, he did pitch well. The Rockies will have a decision to make on Chad Bettis over the course of his next couple starts, but for now he is safe from removal.

Two players did return to the game on Saturday night, one from the DL and one from a day-to-day injury. DJ LeMahieu returned from his injured knee and started right where he left off with a solid game offensively. Of the five total hits on the night, DJ earned two of them with a single and a double. Daniel Descalso is a fine spot starter, but he is not the every day player that LeMahieu is and the Rockies are obviously glad to have him back. They are still awaiting the return of their rookie shortstop Trevor Story. Story had injured his finger on a HBP a few days ago and returned quickly, only to re-injure it on a jam shot. He is likely going to return Sunday afternoon and hopefully he brings a spark to the offense that has only scored one run over 18 innings.

JaKe McGee was the other player to return and he came from the DL. McGee faced only three batters, striking out one, walking one, and allowing a double. He was credited with giving up two runs, but Justin Miller was the pitcher that allowed those runs to cross so it is not entirely his fault. However, if McGee hopes to return to a high leverage spot, he is going to need to be better.

Overall, this was another forgettable game for the Rockies. They had delayed their normal May/June falloff, but it appears they are ready to fade quickly. With the All-Star break only a couple series away, the Rockies will hopefully come out of that with rejuvenated energy and a team full of players ready to charge through the second half of the season. They are going to need to do that if they want to compete and the Rockies can only hope that don’t go crawling into the break.

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