Rockies blow De La’s terrific outing

0701_SPO_LDN-L-DODGERS-ROCKIES-HG7-XL.jpgHans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News

When you get only three hits in a game and none of them came in the same inning, you’re most likely not gonna win the game. That is exactly what happened to the Rockies on Friday night as they got shutout by the Dodgers in a dismal offensive performance.

Newly acquired Bud Norris had to take the place of Clayton Kershaw and while this may have seemed like good luck for the Rockies, it turned out Norris wanted to showcase his stuff. The Rockies could get absolutely nothing going against Norris tallying only two hits against him over his six innings. Norris was able to strike out eight batters while walking only one. The Rockies never even threatened to score against him and with that, the Rockies waster a really good start by their starter.

De La Rosa continued to pitch well since returning to the rotation. De La went seven innings, even though he walked four batters, but limited the damage when it came. By the time he was removed, he had allowed only five hits and two runs. This would normally mean a win for an offensive juggernaut like the Rockies, but Dodger stadium and Bud Norris kept that from happening.

The Dodgers had a 2-0 lead after seven innings, but decided to add on some more in the eighth. Gonzalez Germen who had been more solid in his recent outings, ran into some trouble on Friday night. He got the first out of the inning without any trouble, but then allowed three straight hits and a run before being pulled. Another two runs would cross in the inning, all credited to Germen, and the Rockies finished the inning down by a score of 5-0.

Getting a good pitching performance by the starter has been less common of late for the Rockies and wasting those good outings is what this team does not need to do if they want to compete. Every start they waste loses their starters confidence and then when the offense does break out, they normally need all of the runs and still they lose. The offense and pitching have rarely coincided during this last month and that is why the Rockies have been fading quickly. They are not out of it yet, but they need to string together some wins.

There was no hope for a rally with the way the offense was going and the Rockies can only hope to come out on Saturday with some more life. They get Chad Bettis on the mound and with the way he has been pitching recently, they are certainly going to need to score some runs. It isn’t easy to hit a home run at Dodger Stadium, especially at night and the Rockies need to get back to small ball if they want to win.

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