Frustrated Nolan sums up game


After a first inning three-run home run was allowed by Chris Rusin, Nolan Arenado made himself heard in the dugout. Frustrated over the lack of success recently and a bad first pitch call to the Rockies killer Matt Kemp, Arenado came to the dugout visibly angry and showed why he is becoming a leader of this team. Arenado voiced his displeasure with the first outburst he has really had. With Tulo gone and Cargo a much more quiet, laid back player, Arenado stepped into the leadership role and tried to fire his team up. It means a lot in the moment, but it didn’t mean much for the outcome of the game as the Rockies lost 4-0.

Chris Rusin, besides that first inning home run by Kemp, had a pretty good start. He was able to go seven inning, saving the Rockies bullpen, and only allowed four hits to the Padres. The only other run came from a rare straight steal of home by Melvin Upton in the fourth inning. For the final five innings, no offense was generated by either team.

The Rockies however, had an atrocious offensive game. They got zero going against the Padres starter Drew Pomeranz, striking out 8 times as a team and recording only two hits all night long, one being an infield hit. The bats fell quiet and the Rockies looked like the team that they have been in years past. Struggling to get anything going on the road on offense, allowing a big home run, and falling dead towards the final innings.

The frustrations from Nolan are certainly warranted, but the Rockies now need to respond to this. The season is quickly going down the drain with this stretch of 27 straight in which the Rockies have struggled mightily. After a really good two first months of the season, the Rockies have done what they do every year, they are letting the fans down. Big expectations were never what the fans had, but seeing a team struggle this bad is hard, especially when the number one player is starting to show his anger. The Rockies as a team and organization owe it to Nolan to compete and not let go to waste the player they currently have on their hands.


2 thoughts on “Frustrated Nolan sums up game

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