Rockies lose series finale to Reds

9320665.jpg    USA TODAY Sports

The Rockies hit 12 home runs and scored 31 runs over the course of this four game series with the Reds. They won only one game. That tells a very bad story for the Rockies that their pitching may be starting to fall apart, as it seemingly does every year once June comes.

The Rockies have two major league competitors as starting pitchers. Jon Gray is a very bright spot for the Rockies and it appears he is starting to show his potential as an ace. Tyler Chatwood, despite a bad start against the Reds, has still been very good this year (mainly on the road). Chad Bettis was doing alright, but of late he has started to falter. Eddie Butler and Chris Rusin have both been better out of the bullpen, but both have been thrust into starter positions due to a lack of depth at starter. The Rockies have not yet seemed willing to call up their two stud minor league pitchers in Kyle Freeland and Jeff Hoffman, but it appears their arrival is looming on the horizon with the lack of success towards the end of the rotation.

There is also the possibility of Jorge De La Rosa coming back to the rotation. He has been pretty solid out of the bullpen since moving there and his returning to the rotation could be close based on how well Rusin does on Friday and how Eddie Butler does in his next start.

The Rockies rotation is struggling, but the pitching problems don’t stop there. The bullpen is also starting to fall flat. When the starters can’t go at least six innings, the bullpen starts to get overworked. That is very much the case for the Rockies and it is taking a toll on their bullpen. Boone Logan is nearing his return and Adam Ottavino will only be on the shelf for a little bit longer, but by then the Rockies could have dropped too many games to compete at the .500 level. Pending a miracle, the Rockies will not make the playoffs this year, but maintaining a .500 level is important going into next season where they will hopefully be more ready to compete.

The offense did fall flat in the final two games against the Reds, while facing some pretty bad pitchers, but it isn’t too big of a concern. The Rockies offense, as any offense does, is going through a little bit of a slow streak after the 17 run game. They are starting to revert back to their 2015 form where home runs were the main source of their runs. That could spell trouble as they head out to California where long balls are a little bit harder to come by.

The Padres are a team much like the Reds who are struggling, but that does not mean the Rockies will play easy games against them, the Reds showed struggling teams can and will compete. It does give a chance for the Rockies pitchers to hopefully build some confidence going forward.

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