Big eighth inning crushes Rockies rally

1024x1024.jpgBart Young, Getty Images

A six run 8th inning negate a four run 7th inning that gave the Rockies lead. After not being able to get much offense going at all against Madison Bumgarner, the Rockies got to the bullpen of the Giants. However, the Giants got right back at the Rockies and ended up winning 10-5 in a game that was a lot closer than the score leads on.

Early on the Giants got some offense from perennial all-star and MVP competitor Buster Posey. With two men on in the first inning, both reaching on mistakes by Butler, a walk and hit-by-pitch, Posey launched a three-run homer to right center field. It cleared the new raised fence, something that has seemed to bite the Rockies more than any opposing team visiting Coors. Eddie Butler was able to settle down from there, but still didn’t have a great start. He finished going five innings and allowing four runs, but he did hold the Giants to only four hits. Unearned baserunners always come around to bite you and that was a fact that came around to harm both teams.

The only run the Rockies managed off of starter Bumgarner came in the fifth inning. A leadoff triple by Cristhian Adames would give Charlie Blackmon the opportunity to drive him in. Charlie couldn’t get a hit, but a sac fly did the job just as well in bringing the runner in.

That run appeared to get the Rockies offense going. In the sixth inning they loaded the bases with two singles and a walk. With nobody out, the Rockies were primed to score, but Bumgarner and the Giants defense had other ideas. A key strike out of Ryan Raburn kept anyone from scoring and then a slick double play ended the inning and rally.

The Rockies entered the seventh inning with a 4-1 deficit to come back from. With Bruce Bochy and a lead with his starter out of the game, the match up game and Bochy’s strength came into play. Pitcher Derek Law starter the inning by getting Dustin Garneau out. From there, lefty specialist Javier Lopez came on to face Gerrardo Parra and Blackmon. However, he walked both batters and as stated earlier, the walks would come around to score. Trevor Story came up, but he promptly struck out. The game was in Arenado’s hands and another rally seemed like it would die short. Nolan Arenado took a ball to deep right center, and it hit off the top of the raised fence. (There’s that damn fence again!) It went as a two run double for Arenado and it put the Rockies within a run of tying the game. Carlos Gonzalez came to the plate and he his very clearly getting his stride back. Against another lefty specialist, this time Josh Osich, Cargo took a 2-2 fastball to straightaway center field for a home run. The Rockies took the lead and the game was there’s to be lost.

And lose it is exactly what they would do. Carlos Estevez came on, and it most appearances Estevez has been great. This was a day where Estevez just didn’t have his best stuff and where Buster Posey was on his game. Two singles to start the inning put two men on for Posey and once again Posey hit one out. It was in nearly the exact same place as his first one, but it once again cleared the raised fence, not saving the Rockies. The Giants would score three more runs in the inning and the Rockies seventh inning rally was erased as quickly as it came. It was a bad game for the bullpen, but those will happen. In years past, this loss would go as more of the same story.

This year however, I will chalk this loss up to an off night. Depending on how the Rockies respond to this game on Sunday could show the real heart of this time. They face another tough match up in Cueto, but with some luck and small ball, the Rockies have a chance to win the series.

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