Rockies starters can’t hold the offense down


The Red Sox won again on Wednesday night as the handily defeated the Rockies by a final score of 10-3. The Rockies managed 10 hits, seven of which came off of the knuckleballer Steven Wright, but they couldn’t come up with a big hit or an extra base hit. They finished with 10 hits, but all of them were singles.

Jackie Bradley Jr. continued his hitting streak as he got a base hit in the fourth inning. Aside from Bradley extending his streak, the entire Red Sox offense continued to mash. They finished with 13 hits and every starter except Hanley Ramirez had a base hit.

Chad Bettis did not have a good start, but he can’t be faulted too much as this Red Sox offense is tearing up pitchers left and right. Bettis went only 4.2 innings and gave up 7 runs, all earned. Bettis could have been more effective as he did walk four batters, but really this Boston team has an offense that is dangerous from top to bottom and happens to all be hot.

The Rockies were coming into town against a team that was handling every team they’ve faced and the Rockies were also coming off a stretch of 20+ days straight without a day off. Those things combined equal a series that the Rockies really never stood a chance and led to these atrocious last two games. Pair the Red Sox offense with the unpredictability of a knuckleball pitcher on the mound, and you have a game that the Red Sox were gonna win with either all offense, or offense and a pitcher whose knuckleball was working. Wright had his working knuckleball on Wednesday and he went 7 strong innings with it. He did allow three runs, but those were more a side effect of a knuckleball that was hard to handle by the catcher.

Jon Gray will try to salvage this series for the Rockies, but either way they will be coming off a long and hard road trip. If Gray can hold the offense down, it will be considered twice the treat in my mind as any pitcher that can control this Red Sox offense has all their stuff going on. Perhaps the Rockies offense can get something going against Clay Buchholz who has struggled this year, but this long stretch of no days off has really taken its toll on this entire team.

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