Series Preview: Mets vs. Rockies

1437572412-mlb_rockies_mets_tickets (2).jpg

Friday, May 13th 6:40pm: Matt Harvey (3-4 4.50 ERA) vs. Jon Gray (0-1 5.40 ERA)

Jon Gray has not pitched that well at home this year or in his career. He also has not pitched well against the Mets at home. Last year, he went only 1.2 innings against the Mets at home before he got pulled. Jon Gray has been pitching well recently however and will go for his first career win, again. Matt Harvey has not been the Matt Harvey of years past. He hasn’t been bad, but he hasn’t been great. Harvey has yet to reach seven innings pitched and has given up two or more runs in every start this season.

Saturday, May 14th 6:10pm: Logan Verrett (3-0 1.27 ERA) vs. Eddie Butler (1-1 3.86 ERA)

In two starts this season, Eddie Butler has allowed only eight hits. One of his starts ended a lot worse than the six shutout innings he achieved in San Francisco. San Diego was able to nail Butler for five runs before he had to be pulled. However, in both starts Butler has looked better than he did last year and has pitched as the Rockies expected when they drafted him. Butler and Gray have potential as top of the rotation starters for the Rockies and to see them get on a roll could mean a bright future for the rotation. Verrett has been back and forth as a bullpen man and starter, but hasn’t made a start since April 23rd. He is 2-0 in starts this year and the Rockies have only four hits against him in 18 at bats.

Sunday, May 15th 2:10pm: Jacob DeGrom (3-1 2.12 ERA) vs. Tyler Chatwood (4-3 3.09 ERA)

The Rockies won’t get an easy matchup against the Mets and DeGrom will certainly be their toughest foe. DeGrow is an ace and if it weren’t for Noah Syndergaard in the rotation, he would be a number one. Conversely, Tyler Chatwood is only a number one because he is on the Rockies. That is not to say he is not a good pitcher, this year has proved he can be great, but he has struggled mightily at home and can not be considered an ace until he proves he can dominate lineups at 20th and Blake. This is not an easy series for the Rockies, but is a good chance to see if they can compete against some terrific pitchers. They are going to need to pitch well, but the offense can’t fall asleep either.

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