Shark eats the Rockies up

rocks vs gigantes.jpg

Jeff Samardzija dominated the Rockies by pitching 8 innings and only giving up two runs. Tyler Chatwood pitched admirably, but two key home runs for the Giants gave them a solid lead over the Rockies and in the end, gave them the win.

The Giants hit three 2-run homers, two coming off the bat of rookie Trevor Brown, and they won the game 7-2. The game could’ve gotten even further out of hand as the Giants had 13 hits throughout the night. Luckily for the Rockies, Jason Gurka was able to pitch three innings of decent ball and keep the bullpen from getting further taxed for the rest of the series.

Samardzija pitched like the Ace he was two years ago and kept the Rockies hitters off balance all night long. He worked the inside and outside portions of the plate with great control and mixed his pitches well. The Rockies were able to scatter only 6 hits off of him, and never really threatened. A Nick Hundley double play allowed one run to score and a Nolan Arenado pop fly that dropped allowed the other run to score. Carlos Gonzalez was cut down at the plate on Arenado’s pop-up and that kept the game at 3-2 for the Giants. From there, the Rockies just couldn’t get back in the game.

It is a tough loss for the Rockies, but it is probably their best loss of the season, as strange as that is to say. Two good pitches by Chatwood turn this game around and one timely hit for the Rockies very well could’ve put them ahead early. The bullpen didn’t get over taxed and the loss, while it hurts, the Rockies can still win the series with back-to-back wins the next two days.

Jordan Lyles will need to rebound from a rough first start and the Rockies offense will certainly have to do a better job at the plate, but don’t count them out against Jake Peavy. Peavy has pitched well against a lot of the Rockies hitters, but two guys have got him in their careers. DJ LeMahieu has three hits in seven at-bats and Arenado has five hits in eleven at-bats. Although the sample size is small, that holds true for the guys who haven’t been great against Peavy. Anyone could have a breakout night and getting to the Giants bullpen early will benefit the Rockies for their early game tomorrow.

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