Nuggets end season at home with a loss

nuggets bs jazz.jpg

Denver could not figure out the Utah Jazz for the fourth time this season as they lost their final game at home against the division rival. The final score was 100-84 and it capped a lackluster home record for the Nuggets. Finishing 18-23 at the Pepsi Center is not what a team wants to do and it was actually a step back for the Nuggets as they went 19-22 in 2014-2015 season. There will be one final game for the Nuggets in Portland against the Trail Blazers.

The final home game of the season actually favored the Nuggets until a dreadful third quarter. The Nuggets had a 62-58 lead until the Jazz decided to tighten down on D and turn the tide in their favor. At the point, the Jazz then went on a 24-0 lead that completely destroyed the Nuggets, the energy of the crowd, and any potential they had at winning this game. A 24-0 run for any team is a sign of weakness somewhere in the lineup. For the Nuggets, it was just an inability to get the ball to a scorer to take some of the momentum back. The Jazz did play great defense during this stretch, but there has to be someone to step up and want the ball. This just didn’t happen and it gave the Nuggets a 0-4 record against Utah on the year.

The game wasn’t all negatives, even if the Nuggets lost. Nikola Jokic did play a great game putting up 19 points and pulling down 11 boards for a double-double. Emmanuel Mudiay also scored 19 of his own and limited his turnovers to only two. Two turnovers is not fantastic, but that has been an area of focus for Mudi this year and two is certainly better than a lot of games this year.

Gary Harris also had a pretty good game and he has shown himself to be a player deserving of the most improved player award. Harris has greatly improved his effectiveness on both ends of the court since his rookie year and has been the Nuggets most consistent player. He is never lacking energy and while he is not a premier scorer, he will be a cornerstone to this developing Nuggets franchise and has already cemented himself worth of playing with this team for many years to come.

One more game this season and the Nuggets surely want to end on a high note. Losing at home in front of the home crowd is always a motivator, so the Nuggets will surely come out and look to end on a high note and give them some momentum to come off to into the offseason.

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