Rockies finish series on high note after two bad losses

bettis rocks vs padres.jpg

The Rockies lost big in two of the three games of this series. The first game the Padres delivered 13 runs and beat the Rockies by 7. The second game, the Rockies lost by an even greater margin as the Padres threw out 16 runs and held the Rockies to only 3.

Yesterday’s game along with Friday’s game were much of the same story. Bad starting pitching followed by more bad relief pitching followed by more of the same. De La Rosa had his second bad start of the season, but this should not bring concern for Colorado. De La Rosa is a slow starter and he has been this way for the past four years. There is no injury and De La will get back on track. There is a reason he is the Rockies most winningest pitcher, he knows how to win and he knows how to come back from bad starts.

The Padres offense was on fire the first two games and the Rockies desperately needed for Chad Bettis to come out and deal. That is exactly what he did.

Bettis pitched a great game. He went 7 innings while giving up only 1 run and allowed no walks with six strikeouts. Bettis put up the best start for the Rockies this season so far. The game gives some much needed rest to a worn bullpen and with the off day tomorrow, they are given even more time to recuperate.

The Rockies offense also came alive, at least parts of it did. The Rockies hit five home runs, all solo shots, and the stars carried this team. Nolan Arenado and Ryan Raburn each hit their second homers of the season. Trevor Story got his homer streak started again with his seventh of the year. Cargo also went off for two bombs giving him three total. While there weren’t too many base runners, the great pitching and plethora of home runs gave the Rockies a solid, team win.

The pitching from Bettis was obviously fantastic, but the bullpen pitched well also. Boone Logan did give up a run, but Miguel Castro came out and shut the other team down, as he has done in all of his other outings so far, and Jake McGee finished the game off with a near spotless ninth.

It is so hard this early in the year, to tell a team’s true colors, especially a team like the Rockies. They have either won handily with good pitching and solid offense, or they have gotten crushed. If the pitching can find any sort of groove, this team can be very, very scary. There are good bullpen arms and there are pitchers who have good potential, it is just a matter of those pitchers getting in a rhythm and gaining some confidence.

I still have confidence in the Rockies to be competitors this year, but they have to do well at home and they have to be near .500 on the road. They started their first home series by winning it, but their first home series left a less than desirable result. They are 3-3 on the season and will start a 3 game series against San Francisco on Tuesday.

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